Palm-Sized Fujiwara Tofu Shop


Have you ever dream of owning the famous Tofu Shop model? Well, now you can! Recently, I came across this page 'Paperized Crafts' that has tons of models and characters which you can build from plain paper. Surprisingly, they made the miniature scale of Takumi Fujiwara's Tofu Shop, and I couldn't resist the chance to share it with every Initial D fans out there.

Firstly, you have to get the file from their link (Click here) and print it out with the best quality setting on an A4 paper. To avoid from being crumpled easily, it's better to use heavier paper (anything above 90gsm).

Then, cut them out and enjoy the process!

There isn't a correct method to assemble them. You can use glue, sellotape or whichever way to join them as long as they are fitted nicely and proportionately. :D

Tada, this is how it looked like after completion. It's really not that big, almost the size of your palm measuring about 3-inch wide and 2-inch tall.

The Tofu Shop building was pretty simple to build, but I took longer time for Takumi's AE86 because it's so small that my fingers aren't delicate enough to work with objects that size. However, I managed to complete it with few imperfections.

To show you how small the papercraft hachiroku is, I lined it up with 1/64 scale from Tomica and 1/32 scale from Aoshima, and I haven't even take out the 1/24 and 1/18 yet. :D

'Paperized Craft' did an excellent job making the Fujiwara Tofu Shop diorama very detailed with the colour and proportion all spot on. As a Initial D and AE86 fan, I enjoyed building this cute miniature and I encourage everyone to try it out! *To make it better, use Daiso's acrylic display case to keep it dust-free*

Please feel free to visit Paperized Craft page for more papercraft designs and do like their FB page. :)