RWB Names Compilation (Updated)


Hi All! I believe many of you petrolheads out there already familiar with the brand Rauh-Welt Begriff, created by none other than Akira Nakai. Apart from the wide-body Porsches, he's known for giving unique names to his clients' rides. Well, most of the time. You may or may not recognise all of the cool names, and that's why I did a bit of research and compiled them here! :D

Let’s start with RWB Thailand. This country is the first to receive out-of-Japan RWB treatment from Nakai-san, thanks to the ambitious Autohaus RWB owner, Mr Chinawat Kanitpong. They already have 21 RWBs there, since the first one in year 2011.


During Nakai-san's visit to Bangkok, Thailand, two RWBs were born. First RWB outside Japan is the infamous Rough Evolution. However, #02 a Sport Classic Grey 964 was not given any name.


Many requests came in after the arrival of the first two RWBs. Nakai-san went ahead building the first RWB Targa in the world, simply known as Targa. Followed by Korn Brownhouses and Tenn 964 Turbo.


And, it didn't stop. Yellow Cinderella, Riviera Blue @Speed RWB, and first RWB 930 arrived, the Painkiller.


Chic Romance, Chonsawat from Vattana Motorsport & Backdate RWB Narrow.


Jittakorn 57 is the 12th car made by Nakai, followed by Silver 13 which is not exactly its name and another new Targa, a 911SC Longhood Targa RWB.

In November '14, RWB #15 and #16 emerged and both 964s were born on the same day having very similar body styling and white paint. I call them the Twins.


Nakai-san ended year 2014 with the #17, and began the first 2015 RWB build with the #18, which is the widest Narrow Targa RWB. #19 is the 4th RWB Targa in Thailand.


At the end of April 2015, Nakai-san returned to build the 20th RWB known as Kermit. I really like the neat olive green colour on its body. Looks like Thailand is getting a lot of classic backdate style compared to any other countries. Then, came the #21 which is a Cabriolet.


#22 came in late February '16 and #23 Speedy came in mid May '16. Check here for my Autohaus RWB visit. :)


Moving over to Philippines, Ian King's Car Porn Racing  is responsible for bringing RWB into the country. They have the beautiful Victoria, the 1st RWB to be equipped with powerful LS3 V8 engine. And, Akira the 2nd RWB Philippines. Read more about my visit to Car Porn Racing, here.


#03 is called General and #04 is Ellise which is a duck-tailed 993. #05 has a French name, Ménage à trois.


The 6th RWB has been completed in Sept '14 and her name is Kirsten. Nene and Balbonic were completed at the end of Jan '15.


In mid August '15, Tubero was born. The 'turbo' lettered Tubero actually means plumber which represents the owner's plumbing business. The latest Hikaru is the 10th RWB in the Philippines.


Mr Yanto from Terror Garage is the one you should look for if you’re interested to build one in Indonesia. Currently, there are 4 RWBs in Bandung. RWB Erabareshi-Mono, Ciska, ...


... Terror Targa, and the latest one known as Speedster. Terror Garage worked closely with Nakai-san to build a one-of-a-kind backdate removeable top speedster RWB.


We are proud to announce the arrival of RWB to Malaysia as well. Thanks to Christian Coujin, two special RWBs were made - #01 Yamato Nadeshiko & #02 Furinkazan. Click here for the Malaysian RWB build.


In end of June '15, Nakai-san returned to Malaysia to build two 964s. The yellow ducktail RWB is known as Johor Rough, while the one-of-a-kind Gulf livery backdate RWB is Hyakka Ryouran. Till today it's one of the most unique build by Nakai-san! A week later after Australia's first, came Miyabi, Malaysia #05 & KL #01.


Taiwan's race specialist GMS特波 helped to prepare four lovely 993s. The numbering for RWB Taiwan is slightly different. They started with #000 which is the blue one, then followed by #001 Emily, the red one. #002 & #003 is the orange and white 993s respectively.

Nakai-san's creation is truly influential that it even spread to other Asia & Australian continent.

Sopranos is China's first RWB from Shanghai. 2nd China RWB is from Beijing, made by Fist Auto and it's called Fishbone.


In the mid of June '15, Pure Jade from Shanghai was created. RWB Scorpio was born in November '15 in Guangzhou. Lucky from Xia Men is China's 5th RWB.


TiffanyMartini, ...


... the blue whale tail 993, Bon Bon & the unnamed white Cabrio are all from Hong Kong. 


Singapore officially had their first RWB early December '14 in a simple red colour. Southern Cross is Australia's first RWB completed in early August '15.


New Zealand was added onto the RWB world map with the arrival of Waikato and Hekigyoku which were completed in mid February '16.


Diablo Nero from Saudi Arabia. Russia has two RWBs but they are nameless.


The black RWB was brought into Bahrain from US. In middle of October '15, two RWBs were officially built there at Ekanoo Racing. The really striking purple Targa has a 4.0L powerplant!


Dubai has two - Dark Romantic (Neo Japonesque) and a white unnamed 964 Turbo. 


In the European continent, RWB Netherlands have three - Darth Vader (appeared as RWB48), RWB RUF & The Beast (with RWBRepublic decal). United Kingdom has one in 993 form, the Number One.


RWB Canada's Royal Ocean caught my attention with its striking gold Work Meister S1 wheels and appealing dark blue body paint. Super Musashi is the name given to 2nd RWB Canada.


Alys (Alice) is the third RWB Canada. Then, came the first 964 RWB in the country, but without any name. Canada's 5th car is Toronto's 1st RWB which was built in early February '16.


Black Magic is from Calgary. A month later after the 6th Canada RWB, Nakai-san built two more at Vancouver - Soulmate and Shiro Hoshoka (White Walker).

There are about 32 RWBs in the States, highest number outside Japan. But among them, I managed to find 24 with names.


First RWB USA is Pandora One owned by Marc Arsenal of Fatlace (Repainted to black and now in backdate style). After the completion of Pandora One, Nakai-san continued on building Hoonigan (white 964 Turbo) and Pandora Two (grey 993).


Catalina is one-of-a-kind deep dark purple/burgundy wine colour 993 from Houston, Texas. #5 is a nameless 993 from Florida, but sold to a customer in Bahrain and it's now known as Ekanoo Racing RWB. Чайхона N⁰1 is Nakai-san's personal ride when he's in the US. The name is based on a bar Nakai-san like visiting in Russia. However, it has been to eGarage, and spotted few colour change (light blue and chrome) before the new owner decides on deep gloss black.


7th RWB USA is Meguri-Ai is from Seattle and it belongs to RWB Malaysia's Christian, as well. First Miami RWB is a white 964 which wears ADV5.2 Track Spec SL wheels. The white 993 from Oregon is still incomplete.


RWB Naginata is from Kentucky, followed by Rubystone, which was displayed at SEMA 2013 for Toyo Tires. The delicious rubystone red colour had been toned down to dark grey.


Vince's RWB 993 is from Los Angeles, the purplish blue 993 is FFTEC RWB, and the 14th RWB US is a full white 964 from Florida.


Just about a week later after the14th RWB, Nakai is back again (Nov) to build ParkHAUS1 based on the Porsche tuner store in Miami and it wears a good looking bronze HRE Classic 305 wheels. In middle of Dec 2014, the country's first Targa was born!


At the end of March and beginning of April '15, Nakai-san made three RWB 993s around the Los Angeles region. From left, Jennabelle, Creaminz & Medusa. Which red hue you like most? :D


When you thought there's too many red RWBs at LA, two more 964 emerged. One of them being the backdate style RWB.


In September '15, Nakai flew to US to complete Clermont at Atlanta, Pink Pony & Sinister at LA.


RWB Hollywood goes full white wearing unique Fifteen52 Evo SC wheels. Rauh Art which completed in late October '15 belongs to famous automotive artist Jon Sibal.


After Rauh Art, Nakai-san built two more and they were unveiled at SEMA 2015 - the yellow backdated style RWB and special Need for Speed edition with Magnus Walker styling done by fan.


Portland's first RWB is known as Spectre and Tenkagomen arrived after that. The country's latest one is El Jefe, a 4.0L twin turbo Porsche tuned by TurboKraft. It was completed in late January '16.


Carolina from Atlanta is Nakai-san's personal car for the East Coast. Yukinohana (Snow Flower) is from Miami completed in March '16. 


Hamachi (Yellow) and Uni (Purple) are from Los Angeles. Nohra is Nakai-san's personal car for the West Coast built in LA a week after Carolina. Nakai-san loves the open-top Porsches!


Brooklyn is from New York. In early April '16, Nakai-san continuously built three RWBs - Ramune from San Francisco, Prince from Philadelphia ...


... & Don Julio from Pennsylvania. The nameless silver 993 is the latest from US.

RWB originates from Japan and definitely there are more RWBs than any part of the world. Let's check out their cool names. :)

RWB Stella Artois is Nakai's first RWB and its name is based on the Belgium beer he liked most. He made the convertible 993 in 2012, known as Spearmint Rhino. Yves Piaget (French Rose) has the most unique red hue ever painted on an RWB.


Rotana is Nakai-san's first turbocharged RWB mainly used for the track. The next car he built for himself was also a purple coloured one. The royal fender installed is the widest one yet, designed specifically for 930 and 964 models. This classic 911 lookalike is yet to be given any names.


The classic Porsche race car look, Kamiwaza and the infamous green Rough Rhythm belong to Ichiraku Toshiya, the International Director for RWB.


Good Hill SpeedGreat Hurricane & Advantage.


Akagishatai, Deen-Plo & UZI.


Nathalie (yellow 964 C2) is the only RWB in Hokkaido, Saint Lawrence & Padparadscha, the most unique RWB name ever. :D


Few RWBs from Okinawa, Japan - Rickenbacker was recently seen being sold in Japan, G.mmaak & BBT Key Largo.


Kingfisher, West Holly Wood & Exield.


Etela Helsinki, Swallowtail & Veronika.


Bordeaux, Itoh Engineering Tim Hortons.


Midas Touch, Master Piece & Selbstmord.


Mujer Bonita, Mujer Madura & Phoenix.


Rauh Passion, Dark Matter & Royal Montegobay.


There were two orange RWBs at Roppongi RWB Meet early this year parked side by side. Rough Unity is a 993, while Ms International Co Ltd is a 964. They make an excellent partner though.


CynthiaTunerhaus & Adriana.


The pearl white 993 is Army Girl and another Kamiwaza type RWB in yellow dubbed Valkyrie. The orange one is from Kobe, Japan.


Stealth Bird is the only 996 ever receive RWB treatment! It sure does look handsome and I think Nakai-san Nakai-san should continue its legacy with the water-cooled Porsches. RWB Maria is a 964 Carrera built and inspired by '76 IROC race cars.

Nakai-san love racing in his Porsches and he takes part with his RWB family worldwide in the annual Idlers 12 Hours Endurance Race at Twin Ring Motegi Circuit. His cars built for the race have names too.

Charlene, Fast & Furious (Used in FF7 movie) & Hooters.


Lovers Rough, Iamsterdam & Afromania.


Amazonian, Front Row & Idlers (belongs to the owner of Idlers Club). 


 Oba BoneNatty Dread & Rough Soul.


Garuda is the only RWB in gold. The tangy orange Sunburst looks flashy.


 Rarmintra (รามอินทรา) is named after the street where Autohaus RWB Thailand is. Natty Dread Jr is the latest track car that raced in 2015 Idlers12H race. Its huge rear wing is inspired by Porsche 935K1.

Well, these are among the list I can come out with, mostly with cool names. Each and every one of them is unique to its owner and in fact, there are more RWBs out there that yet to be discovered, other than the 80+ cars you've seen just now.

Finally, huge HUGE thanks to,, Aaron Mai Media, Aaron Rodrigues DesignABT ImagesAlex Brogan, Autohaus RWB, Blake J PhotographyCar NinjaCar Porn Racing, Charlie Davis Photography, Charis CultureChris Daley PhotographyCircuit Soul, Constant Fun, Crank & Piston, Custom Pinoy Rides, Daniël Los Flickr, DPOD Tumblr, Dynamics34eGarage, European Auto SourceFarmofminds, Fatlace, Forgestar IG, Front StreetGarage 36, Garrett Wade Photo, Garypatrickmannion, GMS Taiwan, Goodrides,, Highway Magician, iAcrophobiaJ Cole PhotographyJasons grain of saltKiittKatt Photography, KWC WorldLowdaily, Maiham Media, Marcel Lech Photography, Mick Kok Photography, MoMoHitsTheSpot!Narita Dogfight, Nick RicoOMGDrift!, PUR WheelsQNRReinArt Design, ReinArt Design FBRenn Drive Sunday, Revved MagRWBooru, Sammy Ek PhotographySileightysr20Speedhunters, SpeedmagnetStance Nation,, Sticky RideStrictly Bidness, Super Street, Ted7 Photography, Terror Garage, Thumpr455 Flickr, Vicarious Gear, Wael Fakhouni, Wheels Boutique, Zahid KasimZen Balboni Photography就就龍 Photographs, 鵬馥國際車業 FL Auto, Rauh Welt Begriff RWB, Rauh-Welt Kansai, Rauh-Welt Begriff USA, Rauh-Welt Begriff Los AngelesRauh-Welt Begriff EuropeRauh-Welt Begriff Australia, RWB ChinaRWB New Zealand and RWB Kuala Lumpur.

Without their awesome photos, I will never know about the existence of the names given to the RWBs and make this 'RWB Names Compilation' as thorough as it is. I wish to share my enthusiasm of RWB to you guys out there and hopefully, more people get to know a little better about the Rauh-Welt brand. :)

Thanks Nakai-san for the wonderful creations. m(_ _)m ありがとう!

Which RWB name up there sounds coolest to you? Share it down in the comment below. :)


Catalina was actually the first Rwb built in the US but an engine delay held it from being at Sema and being unveiled. So then pandora was next in line

Hi! Thanks for the comment! This is a very good information for me as I have very limited exposure to RWBs from the States. Do you by any chance, know the complete numbering of RWB USA? :D

Thank you for doing this. Saw a recent article that Super Musashi is in Manila. Did it move?


Hi dubliner, thanks for comment! 'Super Musashi' is actually from RWB Canada. Yes, it was photographed running on the streets by Marcel Lech Photography. Cool pictures by them~! 

I'll see what I can find out about helping with the USA list. Awesome what you've done so far.

Thanks a lot! For the RWB USA list, I've checked with RWB members of the States, so I believe the list is alright for now. :)

You missed the ekanooracing RWB 993..... BAHRAIN

Hi 0-60 Motorsports, thank you for the comment. I last heard that the ekanooracing RWB is actually RWB USA #05 (Florida) being sold to a customer in Middle East. Technically, it was born in the States so I'll let the RWB list as it is, and add in some info to RWB USA #05.

Hi Hayashi,

what a fantastic compilation ! You have a lot of detail knowlegde, since I am a newbie here, may I ask: Do you have direct contact to Nakai-san ? I would love to make a registry of all RWB conversions (first offline while collecting material), do you think that would make sense or is it too hard keeping track of Nakai-sans work ? Do you possibly know the VINs of some of the cars (which would make an overall listing more precise) ?
Thanks a lot for letting me know,
kind regards

Guenter (from Germany)

Thank you Guenter for your comment! Appreciate it.

Sorry I don't have direct contact to Nakai-san. It's impossible to keep track of Nakai-san's work as he himself doesn't know how much he has built. I only managed to keep records of the latest ones he build, and only available to you guys at :)

Hi Hayashi,

tanks for letting me know...I´ve been looking around a little and checked back to a folder of pictures in my own archive I saved years ago - you´re right, it will prove impossible to put up a registry.

By the way: Since you´re a car nut like me ;-) and a Japan resident: do you know by any chance who made the body conversion for the 996 GT3 R/RS Team Taisan raced in the JGTC around 2006-2011 ? The body of that golden car is quite heavily modified and after hours of searching I did not manage to find a single piece of information on who did that bodywork....

Thanks a lot,
kind regards


Hi Guenter! Good to hear from you again. I'm sorry to disappoint you that I'm not a Japan resident. I'm from Malaysia actually. ^^ Regarding the JGTC 996 GT3 R/RS, I am not sure who make the kit. But, I helped you research a bit, it says Team Taisan themself did the remodelling for the car, same goes to VEMAC, Garaiya & Shiden,

Refer the link:

Hi Hayashi,

sorry about "misplacing" you ;-) ! And a BIG FAT THANK YOU for your help concerning the JGTC teams - may I ask a question ? If it´s not taking up too much time, could you give me a short translation of the comment on ? The Google translation Japanese --> English is terrbile, you just don´t get what the author is pointing out. It woul be very kind if you could help me with that. Thanks again for all your support !
Kind regards


Sorry, can you get a Japanese help for that. My Japanese isn't good.

Hi Hayashi,

so sorry, I thought you knew Japanese. The hint is worth gold anyway, I´ll try another way. If I can help you in any way with information on cars from Germany or translations from a german website, just let me know ! If you like, send me you mail adress so we can further communicate "offline".
Kind regards


Thank you Guenter for the help too! You can reach me at hayashi86 FB page. Just drop me a message. :D

Hi Hayashi,

EKANOO Racing has built two more RWB's in Bahrain.

Hi! Is it the purple 4.0L Targa and blue 993?

Hi in Poland we have two new RWB build in June 2016. Kabuto and Yoroi check on FB. Best Tom

Hi Tom, Thank you for the update. I will check on that and add in :)

Tunerhaus is actually Royal Montegobay,

Also, don't forget the Signal Green And Signal Orange 964 twins featured in Eurotuner when RWB was still first receiving international recognition.

I also know you missed a very early RWB Backdate that was blue with orange wheels and accents, as well as "Ayu" the 930.

Hi Surge, yes yes the signal green and signal orange 964, but they both don't have names. That is why I didn't add them in. 

Blue with orange wheels RWB Backdate named Ayu? That I never see before. Do you have picture?

Hi Hayashi,

you can find Ayu directly on Nakai-San´s Site:


Also I forgot to mention that Tunerhaus became Rauh Passion,
so it went Royal Montegobay -> TUnerhaus -> Rauh Passion

Hi Hayashi,

just stumbled upon the fact the Brooklyn and Hollywood show up with the same registration: 90S KID (sroll down)
It might the same phenomenon like with "Royal Montegobay -> TUnerhaus -> Rauh Passion" detected by SURGE.

Moreover, I managed to find out some of the US RWBs VINs. If you are interested, let me know...
Kind regards


Hi Guenter, Thanks a lot of the updates. I am not sure whether both Brooklyn and Hollywood are the same car, because they are definitely built at different time and location. 

Thanks for the US RWB VIN. I don't think I need them ^^"

Hello Hayashi

many thanks for this great compilation.


PS: don`t forget the german G-One :-)

Hi Mike, Thank you! Yes, yes RWB Furusato. It's been a while since I update them ^^

hayashi, sorry if I confused you:
Ayu was an early demo car of RWB:
Here is the early (2007ish) backdate I was talking about:

How come some 964 have outline of the fender and rivets and some looks like stock wide body ? Like Japanese BBT Key Largo don't

Hi Serg, Some owners can opt for no-rivet over fenders which requires Nakai-san to do extra work using glue, leave it to dry for some time, sanding it down into single one piece. It'll take longer time than normal builds though. :)

There's a new one built, it was Australia's second and I went to the unveiling. It's called Chigiri and can be seen here:

XS Night 964 RWB Germany #2

What about RWB Australia's second car, Chigiri

Hello, black 993 from Russia called Bagheera. It was built in collaboration with Dynamics 34, RWB official representative in Russia.

Hi K.Horton16, Mike, Harrison & Godzilla, Thank you for the tips. Will get them updated soon. :D

Thank you AMPMODELCAR! I saw it already, it's very very nice and I want one!

Wow... great details and info about (almost all) RWB. I am a fans of 993, 964 and targa, and of course the RWB's craftwork! Good to see someone has listed it. Must be a long yet joyful work to you. Keep up the good work!

PS: Owning an AE86 is one of my wish list.

Hope we can meet up one day in the future. =D

Hi PGS Automaniac! Thank you for the comment, it really makes my day! Yes, it's been a while since I did some update to the RWB namelist. Don't give up on your dream! You can do it! See you soon bro!

The Rauh Passion RWB is my wallpaper on my Chromebook. :P

Awesome post great info!!! Not that i know much about cars but how do we get him to build an RWB for us? any specific price or terms for it? it would be my new dream now looking at this, to have him build one!

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