Skyline GT-R R34 (Sold)


While things were quite happening over at Tokyo Auto Salon 2014 last weekend, I was disappointed for not being able to be visit and when I finally gave up fussing about it, I went out to look for interesting rides for photoshoot. And, here is what I found. A Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

Some distance away from where I'm staying, there's a street lightly packed with car workshops and uncommon tuners alongside. One of workshops had a very familiar and appealing JDM beast parked at the same spot, daily. The Bayside Blue coloured Skyline GT-R (R34) belongs to Mr Lim, the owner of R One Racing.

Mr Lim's R One Racing shop is quite a unique one. He stores and supplies wide range of new/used automotive parts to his clients. Whether you're looking for half-cuts, front/rear bumpers, exhaust manifolds or suspensions, you can always find something you need to replace or add, to your current ride.

And, that might explain why Mr Lim's year 1999 Skyline GT-R looks well-maintained and close to factory stock car.

A quick short history lesson on the Skyline GT-R. GT-R flagship performance model started off from Skyline Sedan developed by Prince automobile company, before merging with Nissan-Datsun in the 50s. 1969 KPGC10 Skyline GT-R (Hakosuka) was officially the first Skyline GT-R of Nissan history and its unprecedented 50 consecutive wins in JAF Grand Prix began Nissan's GT-R legacy in motorsport. A replacement model, the KPGC110 (Kenmary) was released in '73 but never the successful one.

GT-R was revived again in '89 with the R32, Nissan's true legend, a Godzilla. It was a heavy, aero-defying boxy car with only 2.6L engine but, a car built for the purpose solely for racing. With its excellent handling and traction capability, R32 was an incredible success in Japan, Australia and other parts of the racing world, consistently winning races and dominating championship seasons to the extent that, rules were made to limit R32 capabilities allowing fair and competitive races. In some cases, being banned from race or series. No car makers in the world at that time were anywhere near that R32 GT-R. :O

Its evolution continued on with R33 GT-R in '95 and R34 GT-R in '99 with few improvements and tweakings over the successful R32 four-wheel-drive ATTESA E-TS technology.

San Yon (34), as commonly called by the Japanese was a popular sports car in the early 2000. Its rivals at that time was Toyota Supra and Mazda RX-7, and fiercely competing against themselves on the touge and circuits. However, the all-wheel-drive GT-R is always at advantage for having more grip and faster straight speeds, making it a favourite among drivers. Japanese tuners like Mine's, MCR, Top Secret (just to name a few) dedicate their life in building their perfect GT-R to bring out the true performance on tracks.

The car made even more popular by the lost Paul Walker in the movie 2 Fast & 2 Furious and frequent appearance in famous manga Initial D and Wangan Midnight.

This is Mr Lim's Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 produced in year '99. It's a standard version (not V-Spec) GT-R driven daily to and fro his workplace. When asked what's the reason he chooses the Skyline rather than other JDM machines, he casually answered "Because it is a good car!". Haha Such a simple answer, but actually means a lot.

The emblem that inherits Nissan's long motorsport history is one of the context in his answer.

Next, is possibly the high performance of RB26DETT engine technology passed down from R32. RB26DETT is a 2.6L twin-turbo straight-six engine that offers high output and great throttle response by delivering all its power to the ground via intelligent ATTESSA-ETS system. ATTESSA-ETS automatically calculates and transfer torque to front and rear wheels depending where it is needed for the best traction result.

The engine bay on Mr Lim's R34 shows that it is not so stock after all. RB26DETT engine remains unbored but fitted with many aftermarket parts like Nismo intake manifold, HKS timing belt, Greddy T517 twin-turbo system and boost controller, ARC intercooler, RSR exhaust and others. With these components, his R34 GT-R is capable of achieving 400hp, from standard 280hp after dyno measurements.

The original serial number on the plaque confirms the GT-R R34 was genuinely made in Japan.

The standard 6-spoke wheels were replaced with black 18" TE37 wrapped with Yokohama Advan Sport 265/35 tyres on all four while, stock Brembo brakes remain unchanged.

Popped open the doors, you could find the interior as if it has been untouched. The owner kept it clean and simple without any aftermarket gauges or bucket seats. Instantly, you'd understand this car is not made for the track. It's a GT-R meant to be driven moderately on the streets.

The only thing different inside the car is the instrument cluster. Standard 10,000rpm tachometer was removed and fitted with Nismo's 11,000rpm tachometer and 320km/h speedometer. Hence, the Nismo badge on the cluster.

More stock awesomeness can be found at the back: Rear tail lights and spoiler.

No doubt this is a pretty car. No matter which angle you look from. :D

Sad for Mr Lim, he got to let the car go due to his inability to use clutch effectively. He is selling it at RM150,000, a little expensive for a 15yo car but, it certainly worth the value since Skylines are no longer in production and this one here is a legit Skyline GT-R with RB26 engine inside.

Interested buyers, please do contact Mr Lim directly at +6013-56379886 or Mr Alwin at +6012-2929799 for the GT-R's availability. Do let them know where you see the car from. :)

One thing for sure, it came with a brilliant number plate which clearly illustrates the car you're driving. 34!

Thanks Mr Lim from R One Racing for letting me spend some time photoshooting your awesome Skyline GT-R. This is definitely a day well spent on admiring this rare JDM treasure. Guys, do visit his workshop if you need any spare parts for your ride or simply dropby to admire the GT-R if it is still around.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post here and learned a bit more about R34. Thank you. :)

Enjoy more pictures below.


can i know where is the shop location is?

Hi Dylan! Thanks for looking.
You can find the address & contact here. (Near Giant USJ)

im interested in the car .. and is the price negotiable?? if it is,i would be interested to buy this monster..

Hi Dharveen! Thanks for dropping by my site. :)

Regarding the sales of the car, I'm just helping out to advertise for Mr Lim (owner of the R34). Can you try to contact +603-56379886 (Lim) or +6012-2929799 (Alwin) for more details and possibly price negotiations. Don't forget to let them know you seen the ad from :D

I would buy this monster ! :>

im from tawau sabah..veru interested for this or loan? pless pm me..tq.

Hi mr soo! Thanks for visiting my site.

Can you try to contact +603-56379886 (Lim) or +6012-2929799 (Alwin) for the availability. It has been quite a while though. Do let them know you seen the ad from Thank you! :D

say ... what sports car do you own ?

How Much Is It And Who Can I Contact To Get It If Its Is Still For Sale?

How Much Is It And Who Can I Contact To Get It If Its Is Still For Sale?cash or loan? pless pm me..tq.

How Much Is It And Who Can I Contact To Get It If Its Is Still For Sale?cash or loan? pless pm me,my fon no 0138859590.tq.

Is this car still available ? What is the asking price ?

Hi All! Thanks guys for visiting this site. Can you try to contact +603-56379886 (Lim) or +6012-2929799 (Alwin) for the availability. It has been quite a while though. Do let them know you seen the ad from Thank you! :D

Are You still selling the car??

Still tis available ???

Hi All! Thanks guys for visiting this site. Can you try to contact +603-56379886 (Lim) or +6012-2929799 (Alwin) for the availability. It has been quite a while though. Do let them know you seen the ad from Thank you! :D

hey this car is awesme....skyline r34 with twin turbo engine....looking awesome

Yes bro! It's the original GT-R with RB26 inside. This is will never age. :)

Hi bro , what a beast you've got there, is it still on for sale ? might be interested to have one... :)

Hi...awesome it still up for sale???

Hi anil manilal, I believe it's already sold off by the owner. Never see the car there anymore T_T

Hi...okay...but can u give me some links or places where i can find GTRs for sale? Many thanks

I believe is a popular site for used car sales. Check there ~ :)

Hi, may I know why the screen above the aircond is displayed as such? Is it functional? I will be attaching the link for your reference.

Hi Daniel! Oh, that's actually over-usage of the screen causing the plastic to peel off ^^"

Hi ur gtr sold ??

Hi Eric, thanks for visiting. :)

I believe it's not there at the workshop anymore. Probably it has a new owner already. 

i want no how to buy r34

Yeah same question. Do you know wbere can i buy a R34。.

Do u tune cars

Do u tune cars


Hi guys,

Is this car still available ?

still this car?? how much it cost??

still sell this car??*

The car has been sold and now going for Horsepower upgrade.


Hi Irwan! Great to hear that. I hope to see it again some time soon, :)

I may update you once the transformation is finish. :)

Thanks Irwan!! :D 

where is this place to want to visit this place.

The shop is at USJ1. You can try Google R One Racing or give them a phone call. However, the GT-R is no longer there, ^^

It will make it's refresh debut somewhere in ASEAN soon.

Given some NISMO & Tomei goodness by it's owner.

Wow! Really? Look forward seeing it soon. Great to know owner is taking good care of it.

It was featured at a motorshow in Brunei recently.

I might update once this godzilla is fully completed.

Hi Irwan. Is the R34 going for sale at the moment?