Art of Speed Malaysia 2013


Switchblade KL, a unique clothing outlet organized Art of Speed Malaysia, a Kustom Kulture & Hot Rod Show. The 2 day event took place at Citta Mall.

From the name Kustom Kulture & Hot Rod Show, you will know that the participants' rides are mainly bikes and cars from the classic era.

Like this well customed Datsun 510 Bluebird with #46 BRE livery really bring the old school look back to this modern world.

What is classic car event without American muscle. This is Eleanor, 1967 Ford Mustang that appeared in the movie 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' starring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. However, this is replica version of it. Haha!

Ford Hot Rod from Thailand was also present at the event.

Bikes were actually the main highlights of the event. But, since I am not really a bike person, I just admire them from a distance without knowing the make and the model for them. :(

Then, I came across this thin frame classic looking bike. Its exposed mechanical engine and its chrome parts got my attention. I hope those who are reading this can tell me what's the name of this bike.

Ok, I know this! It's a Ducati 1199 Panigale S. LOL!

This dark matte green painted Cooper looked awesome. The extended fender and the front rally spotlights gave it a serious and mean look. The owner really knows how to interpretate art on his/her Cooper.

Car of the Day for me is this VW Golf Mk1! Similar paintjob as the Cooper decorated with mean looking face feature on the headlights really gave life to this classic car.

There was donut drifting performed by AE86 owner at a very tight space. The burnt rubber smoke was tremendous, until the picture here was almost grayed out.

Check out its rubber stains on the rear wheel of this AE86 Levin! 

Another AE86 Levin was there but in its non-drift-ready version.

This is 1/1 scale of Hotwheels box. Actually, you can parked your car in the box frame and get your picture taken!

All Harley Davidson bikes present were in different shapes and sizes.

Custom tuning culture should start young. Kid, you are doing it right!

After attending this event for the first time, I realised the custom tuning culture for bikes and cars is widely spread in Malaysia. Regardless of whatever model you are riding or driving, there's always a place for it at events like this.