5th Bangkok Imported & Used Car Show: Part 1


On my recent trip to Bangkok for the first time, I managed to visit Bangkok's exhibition hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani for the 5th Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show. The car show was on for 9 days from 20th to 28th of July, 2013. Join me and uncover the awesome findings from the event!

It was my first time to IMPACT Exhibition Hall and I never thought the place was enormous and contemporarily designed to display its international standards and quality. All visitors were greeted by this Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole at the entrance.

Once stepped into the hall, and voila, heaven of cars lining up with proper lightings from above, just like what you see in International Motor Show events. This car show was different from others because, instead of car manufacturers displaying latest car models, the hall was filled with Thailand car dealers in each booth focusing on selling their latest imported or used vehicles to the locals here.

This ready-to-buy Mercedes Benz A-Class (W176) was being displayed by NK Auto Import. Interested buyer will be entertained by professional looking sales person.

Majority of the cars there including this Mini dealer had special discounted price. Price was about 10% off, not much but the deduction from a high priced car do helped the buyers.

Exploring in further, we'll find a silver McLaren MP4-12C with hot Thai model posing beside.

Not only one but two McLaren MP4-12C were on display proudly by F1 Autosport.

Another interesting array of supercars were the Lamborghinis at Niche Cars, Thailand's authorized Lamborghini dealer.

The Murciélago LP640, 4th gen of Lamborghini's mid-engined V12 was equally stunning as the successor Aventador.

Niche Cars dealer also brought Series 2 Exige, lightweight mid-engined sports car by Lotus which has a Toyota powered 1.8L engine producing 190hp.

American muscle anyone? Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C6), a high performance version of the 6th generation Corvette C6. Corvette ZR1 has 638hp in its 6.2L V8 engine. Probably most powerful GM production car.

Do you prefer the design of the 2nd generation Gallardo or...

... the new facelifted Gallardo?

The 2013 Gallardo has new front grille and wheels to keep this model updated with new and aggressive look. I guess the company is infusing more of the Lamborghini's angular and futuristic design in this Gallardo.

The triangle and trapezoidal design continues to the rear of the Gallardo.

Other than 2013 Gallardo, A.G.Cars Co also had Porsche 911 Turbo (997) and Cayman (981) in their lineups.

Apart from the sports and super cars, there were cars from Honda Thailand. *Probably the only model I can afford in the exhibition hall. T_T Haha*

Professional sales person had to take a short break, leaning on Benz C-Class.

However, this professional model wasn't taking any rest. She sweetly posed for all the cameraman who passed by this white Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Interestingly, there was this car dealer named Teddy Auto Sale had this Teddy Bear costume person (instead of professional models) to advertise for their company.

Beside selling cars, there were other booths showcasing car related products like this glass coating service, accessories and wheels.

This booth showcased 2013 Nissan GT-R in a custom home-looking designed garage. Why not park your car in the living room? Your car will definitely be an awesome decor for your home!

Loved this 2-doored silver Beemer 325. Not an M3 but, I'll take it.

The current trend in most of the new car headlights is this white LED corona rings. Looks absolutely modern.

Ehh~ Sexy lady~ from Eton Import.

Mercedes Benz Thailand had plenty latest model on display and many interested buyers were at their area booth.

Majority were looking at this awesome looking new E-Class Cabriolet. E-Class is available in E200 (2L), E400 (3.5L V6) and flagship E500 (4.7L V8).

This particular E-Class was an E200 model and its bronze metallic paintjob was stunningly great.

Well, keeping the standard silver body paint is also a good choice. This was the Coupe version of the E-Class.

Before ending this Part 1 of Bangkok Imported & Used Car Show, I would like to share with you the genuine beauty of Thailand promotional girl.

There are still Part 2 of the car show which focuses on the tuned vehicles of Thailand. Stay tuned for that!