Alfa Romeo 50th Anniversary


AROC Malaysia (Alfa Romeo Owners Club Malaysia) organized the Alfa Romeo 105 Series 50th Anniversary event last Sunday to celebrate 50 years glory of Alfa Romeo and gathers all proud owners of this Italian manufacturer. The venue took place at The 19 USJ City Mall.

When I arrived at about 8.30am (to get good camera shots), this 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.6 is already parked nicely at the entrance of the mall.

The party is joined by other Giulia family as well.

Not long later, the rare 8C Competizione came with loud roaring 4.7L V8 engine and guided by organizers to park at an area slightly isolated from other cars to show its status differential.

Why is it rare? Well, there is only 500 units of this car in the world and there is ONE is Malaysia. How cool is that? This 8C Competizione was definitely the main attraction of the day! 

Just making sure it is THE 8C Competizione again.

The owner of this 1966 Giulia Spider (1st gen) poses for my shot. 

This is the 3rd generation of the previous Giulia Spider. The engine in this is a 2.0L and aesthetical feature like the front/rear rubber bumper can be distinguished from the previous model.

Another Spider model of the Alfa Romeo is the 1955 Giulietta Spider designed by Pininfarina.

Then, a street prepped GT 1600 Junior glided into the event slowly. Many eyes were on this car due its tuned low ride height and running on classic Japanese Watanabe wheels.

The clean interior with bucket seats show that it is ready to tackle any track racing.

This Italy flag striped Giulia is 100% ripped out for track use. S tyres, roll cage, bucket seat, rear seats removed for light weight, all these ain't no joke man! 

Half way through, more of other classics came to support this event like the Citroen 2CV, VW Beetle and others. One thing I would like to share on the Citroen 2CV. 2CV stands for 'deux chevaux' in French or '2hp' in English. But, the car definitely has more horsepower than that, it was just an ancient tax horsepower formula and has no relation with actual power output.

Among all the cars that were present, this GT 1300 Junior's metallic red paintjob really attracts my attention. The paintjob (similar to the 8C Competizione) gave the classic car a modern touch.

Overheard from other owners' conversation, this Giulia 1750 is maintained to near factory condition, all parts are still in its original form even after 40 years. Woah!

The classic interior versus...

... the modern interior. Which do you prefer?

I've counted and there were about 120 Alfa Romeos by 11am and few more were still arriving even at noon.

Haha. I think I have posted too much of classic Alfa Romeos. Here is the 80's Alfa Romeo Alfetta. Nice touch on the Italy flag stripe and the removed rubber bumper. :)

And, from the 90s the group of 155.

The event was very successful. Many owners as well as public were there to share the celebration of the Alfa Romeo spirit in Malaysia. Big thumbs up to AROC Malaysia!

Hopefully, there are more events like this near future. With this, we can share our interest, meet cool people and also learn about historical value of other car manufacturers. This event was an eye-opener for me and it made me appreciate this Italian car maker more. Long live Alfa Romeo!

Just before I leave the event, this beautiful looking R8 was parked at the side. And, I couldn't resist not to take a picture of it!