Blue Jackets Charity Event


Dream ride in a Ferrari 458 Italia was made true at Tasputra Perkim's Charity Event. The event took place on June 9th (Sun) at Tasputra Perkim, a day care center for special children. The event's objective is to collect donations and contributions from the public through jumble sales, food bazaars and of the highlight of the event, the supercar joyride!

Before getting to my joyride, let's raise a question on who are the Blue Jackets? Blue Jackets Society (BJS) is a society of Malaysia supercar owners and known for their regular supercar road trips across states and countries. This time, they participated in this meaningful fund raiser event to help the children in need.

At 9am plus, you can already hear the loud roaring engines from a distance. Then, the arrival of the first supercar, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

It was probably the coolest and most powerful car that day. Quickly got a close shot of Aventador's 19" x 9J wheel with the bright orange 6-pot brake calipers. Yummy!

This is the Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, the final and most powerful version of the 360 Modena before being succeeded by Ferrari F430.

Tons of Nissan GT-R were present that day but this particular one, three-colour-desert military matte paintjob got my attention. I am pretty sure there was a M14 carbine rifle in the army themed GT-R.

There was another Aventador in the clan with unique vinyl design. After seeing how awesome Aventador was, my friend and I insisted that we should put Aventador on top of the must-sit-in supercar in the charity ride event.

We quickly queued up and registered ourselves in the joyride activity. To sit in those supercars, you need to donate RM20 (random cars) or RM50 (your own pick!). Since my friend chose the Aventador and thought that sitting in a Ferrari was equally great (actually it took ages for me to sit in the Lambo), I donated RM50 and chose the Ferrari 458 Italia instead.

While my friend was off in her desired Aventador joyride, I wandered around and saw this 430 Scuderia, a lightweight and more powerful version than the standard F430.

And, voila! The rare Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale. This extreme model of the Gallardo lineup only limited to only 150 units in the world. This exclusive red paint is called Rosso Mars, a symbol of Italy's traditional racing red.Noticed the carbon fiber door panel in the interior of this Super Trofeo Stradale.

Supercar traffic congestion.

After waited patiently for my joyride, THE Ferrari 458 Italia had arrived. 

Once I set in the car, Mr Gerard, the kind owner of the 458 vroomed off creating G-force which pulls my body back to the bucket seat of the car. This is no normal car guys! According to specs, 0-100km/h time is below 3.4 seconds. Wow! @[email protected]

Since it was a 2 seater car, you could directly hear the 4.5L V8 engine growling soothingly in your ears.

In the interior, the 458 Italia badge kept reminding me that I am sitting in one best looking Italian supercar.



A lap at the predefined route took about 10-15 minutes. The best and fastest RM50 ever spent.

Here is a picture of the owner, Mr Gerard. A friendly and kind guy. Thank you Mr Gerard for letting me sit in your 458!

In conclusion, it was a superb experience! I never thought supercars with stiffen suspension can be so comfortable. The ride was smooth and most importantly the feeling sitting in an Italian made car was priceless. Once you sat in it, you will realize the Italians are really serious and genuine about making proper cars for the road.

My joyride in the 458 was recorded. Feel free to click the play button!

*Sorry for the bad video quality ^^"

Okay, I found the terriying truth of the front lip of the 458. Can you see the amount of paint chip caused by particles of the road. If I were the owner of the Italian exotic, I would scream and cry in my room for 7 days and 7 nights and probably store my car in the garage for the rest of my life. LOL!

Mr Gerard headed off with another lucky passenger for another charity ride.

The true objective other than fund raising event, was the great time the Tasputra Perkim's children had and...

... the awesome supercar experience gained by the supportive passengers.

At the end of the event, BJS members were able to raise RM8,163 for Tasputra Perkim from Supercar rides and merchandise sales. Adding the other charity box donations and food sales, the total fund of about RM10,163 was raised for the meaningful event.

Great job Blue Jackets Society! and everyone who was present as well.

Thank you Mr Gerard for the ride. I hope to sit in your 458 Italia again next time. Hahaha!