Daikoku Futo Experience


In the world of automotive, one might be familiar with the place called Daikoku Futo. If you don't know, I shall tell you about it. Daikoku Futo is actually a huge parking area located near Yokohama Bay Bridge. This place is the gathering spot for all sport car owners in Japan. Why? Because this huge parking area fits about 300 cars and its brightly lit parking area feature is best for the locals' weekend gatherings and hangouts.

The exact location of the Daikoku Futo.

Personally, I have visited there once on one fine Saturday night and I would like to share a bit of my experience here. My Korean friend fetched me in his new GT86 (at that time).

And, the driving was really good. It felt comfortable in the GT86 and it acted how a sports car supposed to be.

That's his humble GT86. LOL!

This is how Daikoku Futo looked like from the first floor. [Really sorry for the picture quality. My camera doesn't perform well at night (x_X)] And, this was just the right side of the parking area. There were still more parking area at the left side.

After dinner, we went for a walk around the car park. There were many empty spots at the parking area which I thought, 8pm was still early for the locals to arrive. I think usually they come late at night and hangout till next morning.

Photo Credit: [大黒ふ頭 Daikoku Futo @Facebook]
And, this is how supposed to look like when there's a gathering on some special day.

Fortunately, there were a group of RX7. And, that yellow RE-Amemiya kitted FD grabbed my attention because it looked almost 100% alike as Initial D Takahashi Keisuke's FD.

However, it was great to see Mazda's rotary spirit still exist in the hearts of the young owners. Go Rotary Power!

This Hakosuka (KPGC10) has a Kobe (near Osaka) number plate and I assumed this guy travel >500 km to Tokyo? Wow! 

Nevertheless, his classic GTR was admirable due the owner's passion of maintaining/restoring it to the tip top condition.

Eventhough I was here for a short time, I was glad. The experience of loitering around parking area with cool looking cars was great. Hopefully, I will come here again especially during special days like the 7-Day (July 7), 86-Day (August-6) and R32/33/34/35-Day (March-2/3/4/5 - LOL) just to name a few.

If you are going to Japan and you love cars, don't forget to put Daikoku Futo as your must visit locations! You'll definitely be surprised with rides there and you'll feel like heaven! 



all the right timing, you're lucky.i visited tokyo last year during september 2014, daikoku futo was closed by the police and i didnt get to see the z tune 34 at nismo omori huhu

btw nice blog!


Hi Azrin, thanks for visiting. Aww, you should visit to Japan again next time to both places. Instead of Daikoku Futo, you head over to Tatsumi PA. 

yeah,most definitely, will be back this september!

Awesome!! :D