McLaren SG


Supercar showroom is some holy ground for car enthusiast where you can actually visit and get near to them. I came across news that THE McLaren F1 is available at the showroom of McLaren Singapore. So, I paid a visit to them.

Where can you find a street in Singapore that is full of car showrooms? Well, after much research online, I came across this street called Leng Kee Road which is accessible by MRT on the East West Line and stop at RedHill Station. You can find showrooms of Ferrari, Mini, Bentley, Lexus, etc here.

Once arrived to McLaren showroom, I was greeted by the newest McLaren MP4-12C Spider parked outside.

Stepping inside, I somewhat felt the showroom was different from others. Maybe because of the exotic cars lineup which consists of the MP4-12C in metallic red, a frame (LOL!), and...

... THE McLaren F1.

Ok, what about it? It was once the fastest road car in the world! Can you imagine a young kid was hyped about the fastest car going 240mph (386km/h) in 1998 and the young kid grew up and see the car himself for the first time. It's like seeing the current record holder, Bugatti Veyron in real life, 15 years later. Haha. I didn't have the chance to actually meet one myself until today.

McLaren only produced 106 of F1s in the world. Seeing 1 out of 106 is quite a thing. Furthermore, this proud British supercar had won the 95' 24 Hours Le Mans in the GT1 category and first non-Japanese car to win a race in 96' All-Japan Gran Touring Car Championship, JGTC (now SuperGT). That guy is actually my friend checking out the details of the McLaren F1. 

Parked slightly away from the lineups, under the spotlight and turntable stage was the McLaren MP4-12 Singapore Edition.

They were only limited to 3 units and 2 have already been sold for S$1.28 million. 

The Singapore Edition has same 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 specs as other MP4-12Cs but a noticeable visual upgrade. The body is painted with Fire Black finished with silver and red linings. *Noticed the red McLaren logo at the side of the door!

I was curious about the 2 calipers at the rear wheel of the MP4-12C. So, I raised a question to the helpful Sales Executive and he kindly explained to me. The smaller one is the parking brake controlled mechanically while the larger one is the normal hydraulic brakes. It is better to split parking brakes with normal brakes because normal hydraulic brakes are using brake fluid and if let say there's a malfunction in the tubes of the brake system causing leak, the only way to stop the car is by using the parking brake. He also mentioned about reducing oxidation on the rear disc brakes if using the parking brake when in idle parking.

The slowly rotating stage allowed me to capture images from different angle.

The Sales Executive also explained why McLaren MP4-12C is different from other supercar manufacturer. McLaren has a long racing history in F1 and Le Mans and this enabled them to design the best carbon monocoque structure for their current production cars. McLaren's carbon monocoque weighs only 75kg, which is very lightweight. Since the half body structure is already robust enough to secure the safety of the occupants, the carbon monocoque used for coupe version can also be used on the Spider version of the MP4-12C. With this, McLaren save its production cost of designing another carbon monocoque for its MP4-12C variants. Smart McLaren!

In the lineup, there was Jensen Button's 2010 McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 car! You can really get upclose to it and admire every single bits of Formula 1 high-tech engineering.

The cool, clean and classy garage that was worth visiting.

Before leaving the place, I thanked the Sales Executive for letting me visit the showroom and I took one last shot of the Singapore Edition McLaren MP4-12C. :)