RAUH-Welt Begriff


Photo Credit: [Circuit Soul @Facebook]

RAUH-Welt Begriff or RWB Porsche are the best looking thing on Earth now together with its hype gaining around the world of Automotive Tuning.

Photo Credit: [Maiham-media.com]

Akira Nakai-san, the man who started RWB 14 years ago focuses mainly on tuning Porsche. He has this wild idea of fitting ultra wide fender and low profile tyres with signature deep-dish wheels onto the Porsche and finishing off unique paint job, creating a Euro yet JDM style. You'll mainly see his style on the 930, 964 and 993 Porsches.

Photo Credit: [Seanklingelhoefer.com]

There are many RWB on the streets of Japan (most), US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Dubai, Thailand and the most recent one, Phillipines! However, this RWB is yet to arrive Malaysia and I really hope to see someone would bring this style and culture over here.

Personally, I have met two Nakai-san's creation in Japan during my Japan's visit at Exciting Porsche Meeting which held in Yokohama last year 2012. The 930 version of RWB and...

... the 964 version.

If you are getting more interested, you should check out the latest video by Car Porn Racing Phillipines on the transformation of their three latest RWB!