Tomica HK Taxi


Litt Tak Toys Sdn Bhd, Malaysia's distributor for Tomica has brought in (late) something special for Tomica collectors. They are the Tomica 2012 Hong Kong (HK) Taxi Series. Actually, the HK Taxi Series consist of 4 cars which 3 of them are Toyota Crown Comfort (Red, Green & Blue) and Toyota Corolla Axio (Black).

I was interested to add them to my collection as this taxi (red one) often appeared in HK dramas which I watched since young.

Photo Credit: [HK Transport Department

Plus, these taxis really exist on the streets of Hong Kong and they are important daily commute for the local citizens who prefer faster transport alternative than public transport.

The Toyota Crown Comfort is popular model to be used by taxi companies in Japan and Hong Kong. But you might think, why is this 1995 model 2L car is still being used as taxi, isn't time to change? Well, I had the same thoughts until I sat in it when I was in Japan. It was really comfortable and spacious taxi. There were plenty of room for the head and the leg. Plus, the boot is capable of fitting in 3 large luggage bag! 

However, according to Toyota's officials, they say that the modern yet vintage appear of the car can be driven by everyone and this proof Toyota's symbol of quality, durability and reliability of Crown Comfort over the years.

More info here!

There are 3 colours and each of them actually represent different taxi operating areas. For this red one, it's fare is the most expensive and it serves all areas of New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

This green taxi, second most expensive serves only parts of New Territories.

Blue taxi specially runs at Southern Lantau Island, the airport and Disneyland.

Check HK map here!

The pictures of the box 'should' indicate the areas the taxi operations.

Interestingly, the box is included with Motor Vehicle License & Taxi Driver Identity Plate. And, a sheet of sticker you can apply onto the taxi to give a more detailed look.

Final main feature is the only openable door on the left side (rear) which simulates actual experience of passengers taking the taxi.
Cool eh~ :)