2014 New GT500 Machine


Three main Japanese automakers has unveiled the new GT500 machines for 2014 SuperGT race at Suzuka Circuit this morning. Interestingly, two of the three automakers designed their GT cars based on Concept models!

This, is the NSX Concept-GT by Honda. The replacement of the current HSV-010 GT and the successor of NSX. The NSX Concept model had been exposed to the world quite a while (since Jan 2012) but there isn't any confirmation on the final road car model and instead, they had gotten the NSX Concept ready for 2014 SuperGT Championship.

It will powered by 2L inline direct-injection 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with Honda's Racing Hybrid System. Hopefully, this will be a proper NSX comeback regardless of its Eco hybrid nature and will be a competent machine againts the GT-R.

Lexus has replaced SC430 with this concept LF-CC based GT car. No information yet on this new Lexus machine. Not sure whether it'll be using hybrid system like the LF-CC concept but, this GT car looks stunning and much much aggressive looking than the SC430. A big YES for Lexus!

Nissan continues with the GT-R model. GT-R fans will recognize immediately the difference between the previous GT500 and the new 2014 one.

These new machines are designed based on new rules set by JAF (Japan Automobile Federation). It's a unified technical regulation applied to both Japan's SuperGT series and German's DTM (German Touring Car Masters) effective from 2014 season.

The new technical regulation involves some similarities between GT500 and DTM cars. The cars from both series will be having the same dimension, using the same tyre sizes and applying same aerodynamic parts based on DTM. If you look closely, the new GT500 cars have the same rear-wing shape and front-spoiler parts as the DTM cars (above).

Overview for new technical regulation can be found here!

Last excitement of SuperGT news was with the news of NSX GT replacement, the front-engined 2010 Honda HSV-010 GT (above).

This time, the excitement is multiplied three times with the 2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo GT500, Honda NSX Concept-GT & Lexus LF-CC GT. The three automakers will be conducting a demonstration run at Suzuka Circuit this weekend and there are already video actions of these cars.

Check them out below!

Photo Credit: [Honda.co.jp, ms.toyota.co.jp, NissanNewsRoom]

Video Credit: [CarNifty @Youtube]