5th Bangkok Imported & Used Car Show: Part 2


Welcome to the 2nd part of 5th Bangkok Imported & Used Car Show! In this part, I'll uncover another special area in IMPACT Muang Thong Thani exhibition hall, which had impressive lineups of tuned cars. 

For those who have missed Part 1 of this event, do click Here to read it. :)

At this special blue carpeted area, well-known car tuners from Thailand had their latest selection of tuned cars on display. The cars from the previous post (Part 1) were ready for sale but these were not. They didn't have price tags on them. So, I guessed they were for your eyes only. Of course, interested party can directly contact the tuners respectively.

There were about 40 cars and all of them were in tuned form. There were retro JDMs (AE86, Celica RA23, Galant), retro Euros (Alpina C1), modern JDMs (GT-Rs, Fairladys), and even VIP style sedans. However, I selected a few cool ones here. ^^"

Oops, looks like this 95' Skyline GT-R R33 was for sale by Unicar Motor Sport Shop.

This R33 was still in good condition and packed with JUN Auto Works Performance parts in it.

It has been a while since I saw a Skyline GT-R R34 and the event had not one, but THREE R34s! Two of them were in the recognizable Bayside Blue colour code...

... wearing similar but different Nismo LM-GT4 wheels by RAYS Engineering. The black one was a limited edition version called the Nismo LM-GT4 GT500 Limited Edition which was single lug nut, rare and slightly more expensive than the standard LM-GT4 wheels (in bronze).

Notice the R1 sticker on the Bayside Blue R34? That actually meant this R34 is running on an R-tune Concept Engine Spec1 tuned by Japan's NISMO Omori Factory. Okay, basically Nismo had two tuning kit choices offered to GT-R customers:-

1) S1 version (street purpose, 400hp/6800rpm, 45kgm/5600rpm) and,
2) R1 version (track purpose, 450hp/7600rpm, 48kgm/5600rpm)
   [Standard R34: 280hp/6800rpm, 40kgm/4400rpm)

With the R1 spec, you can enjoy more power at higher rpm for both track used and daily street driving. Lucky owner of this R1 GT-R R34. :)

Detailed spec can be found here!

The last Skyline GT-R R34 was a white one and wearing Japanese tuner Garage Defend's canards and carbon spoiler matched with RAYS Engineering TE37 wheels. Yummy!

This, is NISMO 400R. The special edition and extreme version of the standard Skyline GT-R R33. It was built in 1996 and only 44 units were made by NISMO. Its engine 2.8L RBX-GT2 had larger stroke, pistons, exhaust manifolds and bigger turbocharger developing 400hp/6800rpm and hence, the name 400R. 0-100km/h in 4.0 seconds and top speed of 300km/h might not be astonishing figure at this time, but during 1996 that figure was impressive!

Another key feature of the 400R was the unmistakeable Nismo LM-GT1 wheels and 400R stripe! Oohh!

The one car that I really fancied and took a lot of shots at, was this Rocket Bunny GT86 by TRA Kyoto. Mr Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto is the one responsible of creating this modern yet retro bodykit for GT86/BRZ/FRS. Same like RWB Porsches, this Rocket Bunny 86s hype are spreading rapidly throughout the world.

The split 6-spoke wheel was G07EX by RAYS Engineering (again). What I like about this specific bodykit (than others) were the curvature design of the front skirt,...

... retro-feeling side overfenders with exposed bolts,...

... and extended rear GT-wing spoiler, a trendy method of GT-wing placement inspired by SuperGT Honda HSV-010GT. The whole package gave the new 86 an image of wild, extreme street GT car that is eye-catching for public who look at it. In Thailand, MPS Shop helps to bring the bodykit from Japan and assembles them for you.

We've seen the new 86. But, car event would not be complete without the original AE86!

This is a Trueno AE86 (Kouki version) from local Bangkok. Probably the cleanest and well maintained AE86 that I've ever met.

The distinct look of an 80's sports car.

Simple interior with roll cage and bucket seat. Drift car or Track car? Or Both?

Beside the AE86, was 1976 Toyota Celica Hardtop Coupe RA23 (TA22 - Japan model).

Another interesting retro ride was the 1975 Datsun Pickup. Not just any Pickup truck, this one was fitted with Tomei powered 2.0L SR20DET engine. Look at the gauges lined up nicely on the dashboard of the Pickup.

Bangkok's VTEC family that were present: Civic FD2R by Backstage Auto Mechanic, 3x Integra DC5 by Mu-Mu Shop and a Civic EK-9.

Finally, the stance looking VIP style sedan cars. I am not sure of these Sedan models. Maybe you guys can enlighten me?

This was a 2011 Toyota Camry dressed in VIP style wearing SSR Professor MS3 wheels. VIP cars main important aspects are the ultra low ride height, set of large wheels with offset on low profile tyres at a negative camber angle and unique bodykit painted with striking colour paint.

It was great experience to attend this 5th Bangkok Imported & Used Car Show in Bangkok's top class standard exhibition hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Even though the cars on display weren't special concept cars like in the Motor Show,  the array of cars present were eye opener for me and they tell plenty about tuning culture in Thailand. 

I respect the Thais for keeping their car culture in trend with latest custom modification available out there (Japan's Rocket Bunny), upkeeping values of the retro cars (AE86) and having rare limited edition cars (400R) in their country. It's like there is Japanese (Car) Spirit in them. Nice! :D

Please enjoy some pictures in gallery below!