Choro-Q Hakosuka


Famous Japanese toy car ChoroQ is what I will be featuring this week. Let's check out the Jumbo ChoroQ VS standard  ChoroQ of the great Hakosuka, 1st Skyline GT-R!

ChoroQ (チョロQ) is a pullback toy car created by Takara company (now Takara Tomy) and the name is derived from 'Choro-choro' which means 'dash around' and 'Q' an abbreviation of the word 'Cute'. ChoroQ's deformed design illustrates the vehicle's cute and petite side which is targetted as children play thing.

Many years back, I was able to acquire both Jumbo and Standard sized of the Hakosuka ChoroQ and they were great addition to my miniature car collection.

What is Hakosuka? Hakosuka (ハコスカ) which meant 'Box Skyline', was the name given by fans to the first Nissan Skyline GT-R, (KPGC10). This 1971 Skyline GT-R was powered by 2L S20 straight-6 engine, having about 160hp in it. During the 70s, it (four-door sedan) participated in JAF Grand Prix and the Skyline GT-R historic winning streak lasted for 50 races in just three years.

Ta-da! This is how a Hakosuka looks like in real life. A personal encounter in Japan. :)

Comparing the real one with this ChoroQ version, they do look the same. (Not in size)

The standard ChoroQ is small, about 3cm long but, the Jumbo ChoroQ is giganticly huge, 5x longer than the standard one. Basically, the Jumbo is a scaled up version and relative to the size of the standard ChoroQ.

The coil-spring pullback motor is usually visible and placed inside the center of the ChoroQ itself.

The bottom view of both ChoroQs.

You can actually open the bonnet of the Jumbo ChoroQ. Unfortunately, there is no engine inside, just an empty compartment for you to store some standard sized ChoroQs in it. LOL!

Additionally, I have the Tomica version of Nissan Skyline GT-R from special Tomica Event Model and...

... putting them together will make the collection more complete than ever. Which one would you pick? :D 1) Maximum cuteness ChoroQ or 2) ChoroQ on steroids or 3) Regular Tomica?

Or 4) Actual 1/1 sized Hakosuka? This car is father of all Skyline GT-Rs (R31, R32, R33, R34 & R35) and should be appreciated by all car enthusiasts. Without the presence of this car, there will not be any Skyline GT-R legacy to continue on.

Continuing the legacy, I am proud to own these miniature Hakosuka and will be kept for many years to come. Viva la Hakosuka~!