PS3 GT6 Release Date


Good news for Gran Turismo fans! We'll be getting the latest Gran Turismo franchise from PolyPhony Digital on 6th December 2013. Official box art for the PS3 game have been revealed as standard edition (Right) and 15th Anniversary Edition (Left).

The 15th Anniversary Edition allows you to enjoy extra exclusive in-game content notably the 25 unique vehicles with special "Anniversary Edition" livery if you pre-order it online from GameStop. However, it's still not confirmed whether we'll get the same content with the R3 region.

GT fans from US, can check their pre-order here!

15th Anniversary Pre-order exclusive content trailer released.

On GT6, everything will be new! New game engine, new physics engine and superb graphics. Polyphony Digital is using Adaptive Tessellation, a next-gen 3D model rendering technology to create a detailed looking model car regardless of viewing distance and position. They are really maximising the hardware capability out of PS3 console this time, before switching to PS4 console.

Since Yokohama Rubber (tyre) and KW Automotive (suspension) had partner up with GT6 developer, we can expect a more realistic car handling and feelings. This is something I am really looking forward to in GT6.

More new tracks like Willow Springs International Raceway (above), Silverstone Circuit and Goodwood Hill Climb.

GT6 will contain a total of 1200 cars and one of them is Pagani Huayra! Wow!

In conclusion, this game will be an awesome game for those who loves racing/driving and also a great holiday game during the month of Christmas! I can't wait to get my hands on the 15th Anniversary Edition of GT6 on 6th of December!

1st GT6 Concept Movie. Click play and enjoy!

Gran Turismo has started a very interesting project to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this videogame and the project is called "Vision Gran Turismo". Design teams from various automotive manufacturers and international brands will be creating virtual concept models for Gran Turismo and then, the cars will be released as DLC to GT6 owners.

Apart from the free DLCs, we will be very fortunate to witness their unique automotive design which portray their creativity and innovation ideas as an international brands. Participating companies are: Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Aston Martin, Audi, BERTONE, BMW, GM Design, Honda, Infiniti, Italdesign, Jordan (Air Jordan), Mercedes-Benz, Nike (shoe), Nissan, Peugeot, SRT, Volkwagen, and Zagato.

This had never been done on any other game franchise before and something all car fans and GT fans are looking forward to.

The teaser video will showcase unique concept models of the "Vision Gran Turismo".

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