Siam Paragon Auto-Shopping


Thinking of shopping for cars at a mall? At Siam Paragon, you can! Siam Paragon is one of the top 10 malls in Bangkok that you must visit. This luxurious mall contain wide range of exotic auto dealers and it gives you enjoyable auto-shopping experience.

Well, I didn't actually shop for cars but more of a window-shopping or admiring them through clear glass from outside. On 2nd floor of Siam Paragon, you could find Maserati dealership which had the latest Gran Turismo Sport model.

A pair of Ghosts at Rolls Royce clean and bright showroom.

This was the 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Wheelbase (17cm longer than standard Ghost). Both standard Ghost and this version are using 6.6L V12 twin turbo engine with 562hp output. 0-100km/h in 4.7 seconds! Fast for a heavy 4-door luxury saloon car. Built only for the rich. :o

In front of Rolls Royce Bangkok, was a Lotus Evora brought in by Niche Cars.

Walked a little further, I encountered a very familiar logo.

And, there was a matte black Aventador sitting in the middle of the Lamborghini showroom. The V12 bull was more like an art than a car. *Notice the no photography sign. :P

PAG (Performance Auto Gallery) was located opposite of Lamborghini showroom and had quite and an array of cool cars.

Immediately, I stepped in and asked for photography approval. The lady said Okay, and I get my car photography started with this 2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible.

Compared to the Rolls Royce, this is somewhat of different class. It's a 2-door luxury Grand Tourer and...

... it has a 6L twin turbo W12 engine with 616hp. Looks like there's a trend going twelve cylinders in luxury sport cars eh?

The new Porsche 911 Carrera (991)...

... alongside with new Porsche brotherhood, Boxster (981), another Carrera and Cayman (981c).

All the cars on display were on sale. I personally would go for the new Boxster because, it's a convertible model and overall, its new design looks great, something different out from the regular 911.

This is the cheapest driveable Porsche in the showroom. It costs just only 36,970 Baht (about RM3,697) and the best part is, this 911 doesn't require any petrol fuel as it powers on electric. However, there is one slight disadvantage. Adult drivers might have trouble getting in. :D

PAG also sells motorbike: the Ducati Multistrada 1200.

Ducati fan/collectors can look for official Ducati licensed products here.

Beemer showroom was directly in front of PAG. It seemed that many people were shopping for new car and I thought they made an excellent choice.

And, yes I had make my choice. I choose you Z4! It's hard to resist a convertible.

At Ducati Cafe, they had a 1199 Panigale S, 1198cc superbike...

... and a Monster 696, 696cc naked bike. Naked bike is identified by its exposed engine and frame.

I was surprised by the existence of a Morgan Threewheeler at the lobby of Siam Paragon. I only knew about it through one of the episodes of Top Gear Season 18, a 'track car' picked by Richard Hammond.

First time, seeing it real life and it did look classicly beautiful. It's motorcycle lookalike engine is actually 1983cc 'V twin' engine created by S&S, a motorcycle engine manufacturer. 0-100km/h at 4.5 seconds and top speed of 185km/h. Sounds fun for a 3-wheel vehicle.

This Threewheeler is a Superdry Edition. Many of you might know that Superdry is British clothing store, vintage clothing styles fused with Japanese character graphics. It collaborated with Morgan company to make 200 units of this Superdry Edition sports car.

More details here!

Seeing one of the Morgan Threewheeler is a rare opportunity. Seeing 1/200 of Superdry Edition Threewheeler is extraordinary rare chance! Wow!

If you were to visit Bangkok someday and you love cars as much as I am, do pay a visit to Siam Paragon shopping mall. The lineup of exotic cars for sale in each of the dealerships on 2nd floor, will get your attention. And, if you're lucky, you might see a rare car on display like this Morgan Threewheeler Superdry Edition. :)