RWB Thai Video


AutoHaus RWB at Thailand is the second RWB shop in the world and probably the most active one outside of Japan. They've already made 11 RWB conversions till today and each of them are totally different. Different models, different conversions (wide body, narrow body, whale tail, duck tail, GT wing etc), different colours and different names. Mr Chinawat Kanitpong is the man behind AutoHaus RWB and he works closely with Akira Nakai-san (RWB Founder) to create these beautiful machines for Thailand customers.

Below are some interesting videos that shows how RWB Porsches were built. You've gotta hit the play button and admire Nakai-san's work of art.

Video Credit: [Hawk'n'Poke, XCARFilms @Youtube]

Above, is one the very first RWBs of Thailand. The white 993 is known as Rough Evolution. More RWBs had spawn after that. :O

Video Credit: [Tenn Xoomsai @Youtube]

This video highlights on the specific 993 model: RWB Chonsawat ...

... and my personal favourite, the Cinderella. :D

Video Credit: [Nontakorn seangon, Jerk SP @Youtube]



Video Credit: [TennXX @Vimeo ]

RWB Thailand made a documentary video of their participation in Idlers Games 12 Hours Endurance Race in Japan. It's also an interesting video as it gives an idea on how everything works at RWB pitstop during an amateur club race.

AutoHaus RWB workshop serves as the birth place of RWBs in Thailand. It's a holy ground for RWB owners and fans. For me, it's the closest RWB shop to Malaysia and I'm looking forward to visit this place during my trip again to Bangkok, Thailand. :D