Mazda Mega Gathering 2013


Mazda Mega Gathering is a special track day event dedicated only for Mazda owners in Malaysia. Previously, it started off as Rotary Mega Gathering in 2011 with participation from RX-7 Club & RX-8 Club. This year, they intend to make it a bigger and they called upon members from Team MPS & MX-5 to join them to achieve the largest Mazda gathering in Malaysia and the >100 car mark at Sepang International Circuit. 

In order for me not to miss this rare sight, I seek aid and permission from Mr Woay Chee and Mr David Ho from RX-7 Club to join them as a media photographer for the event. And, a million thanks to them, I managed to get in officially and be with the Mazdas for a day! :D

I was on my way to Sepang Circuit that Sunday morning (27Oct) and immediately after crossing the KLIA toll, I witnessed the most amazing scene, a huge gathering of all the Mazdas at the road side. I knew I had to stop and get the camera working. Parked my car at the side, slightly in front, took out my DSLR and snapped this (above) picture right away.

There were literally dozens of RX-7s, RX-8s and MPSs parked in an orderly manner. It looked like a scene from Japan's illegal street car meeting at Daikoku Futo, with an exception, it wasn't at night.

It is difficult to find one Savanna RX-7 driving on the street but, there were 5 of them! O_o" And, it's even more challenging to find mixtures of the famous rotary sports cars, all grouping up at one place. It was surely my lucky day!

Right after everyone has arrived, the participants headed back to rides, getting ready to do a Mega Convoy to Sepang Circuit paddock. RX-8 would make the move first leading the convoy...

... and then followed by RX-7 and MPS.

For more brap actions, hit Play! 

I'm not a Mazda owner though, but being part of the convoy and seeing so many of them at my side mirror made me feel like I was part of the family. :)

Tada! Just look at the amount of cars that arrived that day. Each of them was not identical. Different colours, different wheels, bodykits, and modifications. IMO, tuning culture is necessary because it gives a certain character/personality to your car, making it a special one for the drivers themselves.

How extreme your car is, depends on how much time, effort and money you're willing to spend on it. During the process, it creates a special bond between the car and owner. And, that is where the fun is.

As an official media, I have to basically take pictures of anything and everything at the event, capturing valuable unforgettable moments. This is evidently something I have yet to master. However, let's start with the first official photoshoot of all the Mazda owners who participated in the gathering. Happy owners!

While the participants were up for registration at the air-conditioned media center room, I was lingering around the parking area, photoshooting many of the most awesome rotary performance cars ever existed in Malaysia.

According to the officials, a total of 137 Mazdas arrived that day and their mega 100 car mark was successfully achieved! Congratulations! Breaking down the number: 33 RX-7s, 58 RX-8s, 23 MPSs & 23 MX-5s.

Lunch session took place after participants have completed their track day registration. I joined in to replenish my energy for more photoshooting actions.

Finally, the most awaited activity by everyone, the track session. It was divided into few sessions, the beginner session (45min), advance session (45min) and an open session for both beginner and advance driver (120min). Registered drivers have get their cars ready at the pit garage and equipped necessary items like the transponder, helmets and car number stickers.

These 2 stunning rides were partially belonged to Mr Woay Chee, and his team is taking the unfinish track machines for a proper track setup. The left FD is wearing AD Facer 9 bodykit and the right FD is wearing AD-GT bodykit. Both kits were made by Japan's famous rotary tuner, RE Amemiya.

The FD brothers made the move first and got themselves front seat for the initial 3 laps warm up session.

Five FDs slowing down for the first corner of Sepang circuit. There were loads of RX-7s during the Mega Convoy, but many did not participate in the track event.

More Zoom Zoom action at Sepang's longest straight.

There was a lady Marshal in her Audi R8 GT Spyder, responsible for safety on track and making sure the tracks are clear after the end of each track sesion.

Rain starts to drizzle when the MPS were going out for track warm up...

... and gets heavier during the middle of day. Disappointing to say, the rain made it impossible for me to head down the track for near action track photoshooting. I had to stay indoor with limited angles to capture the actions. :(

Despite the heavy rain, the advance drivers were still able to drive real fast to test their car performance and limit, and most importantly, to set their fastest lap time.

The drivers came in after 45 minutes of wet track session...

... allowing cars from different category to proceed.

Later that evening, the rain subsided a little...

... but, the circuit remained wet and slippery, making it difficult for everyone especially the tail-happy rotaries to post a good time, unless they brought along rain tyres with them. :D

Some drivers were just out there having fun driving fast and not trying to set any lap time.

Immediately after the rain stopped, I went over to side of the track (nearest from paddock) and snapped few shots of the remaining cars on the track.

The track day event finally came to an end at 6pm. Before calling it a day, lucky draw contest for the participants carried on. Sponsors who contributed to Mazda Mega Gathering 2013 also received their trophy of appreciation.

Fastest lap time was posted by Mr David Ho in his metallic red FD with the best time of 3'6.21". 6 seconds ahead of the 2nd positioner. Congratulations Mr David!

Great event, great cars, great people but bad weather. XD Many Mazda fans and drivers showed up and made Mazda Mega Gathering 2013 a successful one. For me, it was a weekend well spent and I am glad knowing that there are so many Mazda sports cars here in Malaysia, especially the RX-7 models. (It's done, click here!)

I'll look forward to this event next year, being ambitious with more Mazdas (maybe the new Mazda6?) and will come again to this place as a prepared photographer! :)

Please do enjoy the gallery below! Thank you!


Well done. Good job.

Hi Ross Hadi! Thank you for the comment!

Thank you so much for your effort bro. On behalf of the committee member, once agian. thank you :)

Hi Zaccheww! You're welcome! It was a great event and glad to be there! Thank you~

Well done!! And thanks for the effort..

Well done & thanks for effort..!!

Well done bro & thanks for the effort!!

Hi SV! Thank you for the positive comment! I was really glad to be there :D