Tomica AE86 Trueno


It's been a while since I posted anything about diecast. This time, I would like to share with miniature car fans out there something I received recently from my friend in Japan. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the latest Tomica Initial D AE86 Trueno from the Dream Tomica Series.

This Kodansha licensed product (Initial D publisher) was released in Japan on 21st September, 2013 with the price of 735yen.

And, it's the first time ever for Tomica to release AE86 Trueno Initial D version in a single box. Usually, it's in the form of special edition Initial D set like the one I have here.

Let's bring out the original Takumi's car and have a thorough comparison between them.

The newer Tomica casting has the headlights popped out and the recognisable black bonnet, an upgrade for Takumi's AE86 during his time with Project D team.

For the rear, I wished it had the same details and decals as the original AE86 (Right). The left one looks so plain and empty.

Few more improvements can be seen on the newer AE86. The window trim is now painted and it's using a different set of wheels which look more like the Watanabe wheels used in Initial D.

Moreover, when popped open the doors, you could find the interior to look more like an actual car. The driver's seat is also a bucket seat version, which follows closely the story of Initial D.

Both Tomica are made in China and scaled at 1/61.

Takumi expanding his Tofu delivery service.

Best of the new and old 86.

In conclusion, I've gotta say this is probably the best Tomica of year 2013 and the one that you must have. The popular AE86 from Initial D gets its new casting with excellent paint job and details over the older one (apart from the missing rear decal). It'll add to my great Initial D collection and putting the AE86 on my table, will keep reminding me, one day I'll own this car in 1/1 scale. :D

And, if you guys do come across this Tomica, don't feel hesitated to get it. Limited stock availability is a sure thing for this Tomica Initial D AE86 Trueno.


Hi Hayashi,

Nice piece you have there!

But did you notice the Dream Tomica AE86 you have there is an extremely rare piece?

Check out the printing on the base plate!


Hi Alex, Thank you for the comment! 
What do you mean by rare piece? Can you share with me?

Hi Hayashi,

Check out the base plate of the spells TOYOYA instead of TOYOTA! ;)

You have a rare collector piece there!


Wow!! I didn't realise that! Thanks for the highlight. I guess others would be TOYOTA right? :D

Once they found out the mistake, it was too late to recall.

The subsequent releases had TOYOTA printed on the base plate in white fonts instead of stamping.