Epson Intelligent Imaging Showcase


Epson Showcase is a special press-only event to showcase their latest lineup of projectors and label printers. It was not open to public and only members from the media were able to come and experience the exciting and unique presentation of industrial based solutions, taking projection and printing to a different level.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to support and involve in the challenging projector setup together with a very skillful team. Here, I'd like to share with you the showcase event and the very new projection method called 3D Mapping.

The Epson event took place at Bentley Auditorium Hall, Mutiara Damansara on 28 November. About 30 members of the press were invited to this new product launch to witness what the new large venue projectors and industrial label printers have to offer.

Pic: Mr Kasai Yasuhiro, Country Manager of Epson Malaysia (Left) and Mr Danny Lee, General Manager of Epson Malaysia (Right) were giving their welcome speech to the audience.

As you might already know, Epson is a leading electronics company, manufacturing variety of equipments for business use like: inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners, point of sale printers, business and home theater projectors and recently, industrial robots. With their commitment to innovate and 'exceed your vision', Epson came out with patented '3LCD' projection technology and achieved excellent record of World's No.1 Projector for 12 consecutive years (2001-2012)!

And, Epson Malaysia is responsible for the local market here, educating and supporting end-users on the benefits of using their various range of products.

Ms Jennifer Low, Epson Malaysia Product Manager for VI (Visual Instrument) took the stage first introducing Epson's latest G6000 series projectors and home theater projectors. She gladly explained the differences between the competitors' projection technology to Epson's well known 3LCD technology, educating the audience.

Mr Kasai shared his thoughts on Epson Malaysia's direction and mission to achieve No.1 Projector Market Share in Malaysia as well as their endless effort in delivering good products to impress the customers.

Photo session for the press. From Left to Right: Model A, Ms Pearly Lee (Product Manager of Label products), Mr Danny Lee (GM), Mr Kasai Yasuhiro (Country Manager), Ms Jennifer Low (Product Manager of VI products) and Model B.

Ta-da, here are the two awesome 3D mapping projection that our team had prepared entirely for the event. It required total of 4 projectors and took 2 days to complete.

Mapping clothing video onto the blank mannequins is a powerful way to market your brands at retail shops and passerbys will surely pause a moment looking at the attractive projection.

3D mapping is not something easy to do. We used a third party software (VIOSO) and accurately setting the points (array of green dots) to fill the surface of the mannequins. Took quite some time to complete due to uncountable amount of points. :D One high brightness projector (EB-G6550WU) was used to project onto the mannequins and an ultra short throw projector (EB-485W) was used at the back projecting background images.

This is cafe simulating projection onto corner wall. Another interesting way to create a certain mood or atmosphere by just utilizing the blank walls in your shop. Imagine changing wall colours every day! A G6000 series projector (EB-G6250W) was used for the sofa and a 7000lm projector (EB-Z8450WU) used for the background.

The new Epson EB-G6000 series projectors offer high brightness projection at excellent image quality to suit various needs and environments.

Opposite of the creative imaging projection, was two dark rooms revealing Epson latest Full HD 3D home projectors, the EH-TW5200 and EH-TW8200.

An end-user experiencing 3D home entertainment in Full HD. Wow, look at what the small projector (EH-TW5200) can do at your living room!

More information to educate users the benefit of using 3LCD projectors.

Ms Pearly Lee posing with her latest TM-C3510 label printer. A quick, convenient and economical label printer which utilises Epson's 'Micro Piezo' inkjet technology.

It was definitely an eye-opening event for everyone who came as Epson demonstrates that projectors can be used in a very creative way other than using it plainly in classrooms and halls. I, myself was astonished with the result of the 3D mapping projection and gained constructive knowledge during my time here.

Hopefully, we'll get to see more creative industries out there initiating unique and impressive mapping projection. :)

Epson Intelligent Imaging Showcase made possible by the skillful team of Epson. :D

Thank you for reading!