MMGT 2013 Full Video


Video Credit: [Adscan Service @Youtube]

Mazda Mega Gathering 2013 was held at Sepang Circuit few months back and I did an interesting post covering the event through my camera shots. (Click here & here in case you missed it).

Now, there's a full video of the event made by local based video production company called Adscan Services. They did an excellent job filming and capturing all the gathering and track actions from various angles at the circuit. This cinematography of this video is undeniably unique and one of the best Sepang videos I've seen yet.

Hit the Play button and enjoy! Brap Brap Brap all the way~!

However, I was glad to be part of event photographers that day! Even though, they got my name spelled wrongly. Haha :D

PS: The amateur photographer (white shirt, brown pants, looking down at the camera) is me.