1/64 A-Vent-A-Door


Been doing a lot of virtual racing GT6 lately, 'til unintentionally neglecting the updates here. It has been a while since I post anything about diecast. I have a few interesting 1/64 sized Lamborghini Aventador from different miniature brands and thought of giving them a brief comparison.

Here we have three mini version of the exotic Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 from Hotwheels, Tomica & Kyosho.

Unleashing them out of the box, you can immediately identify their differences. (From Left to Right: Hotwheels, Kyosho & Tomica)

Firstly is, the distinctly easy to recognise headlights of the diecasts. Kyosho (Top) has the prefix plastic cover as the headlights replicating the existing ones on the road. Remaining two have printed headlights on them, but it seems like Tomica isn't putting as much effort as Hotwheels.

The size of Lamborghini emblem on Kyosho looks accurately proportioned. However, it's not a 'Nay' on the other two, they are equally decent as well.

Being the most expensive among all, Kyosho shows that their product is not just a simple toy but detailed miniature for the serious collectors. Why, you'd say? The silver four-exhaust tip, outlines on the rear grille, a Lamborghini text between the headlights, side mirrors, correct rims with rubber tyres, are features included in their Aventador.

Extra points for Kyosho (Middle) for having an interior as close as the real one. In terms of body size, Hotwheels and Kyosho are exactly alike but, Tomica looks ridiculously smaller than the two...

... and, that is because Tomica is scaled at 1/68. After many years of collecting Tomicas, I still have no clue why 1/64 is not in Tomica's standard scale. They come in different sizes (1/65, 1/68, 1/72) and sometimes bigger at 1/61 depending on the vehicle. Perhaps, it's due to production cost? If you guys know the answers, please do write it down at the comment! :)

Clearly, anyone'd go for the Aventador from Japanese Kyosho brand favouring its excellent build quality which is best at its size. However, quantity is always limited and not easily purchaseable at common departmental stores.

On the other hand, Hotwheels are widely available and particularly, this Aventador casting is best value of them all. Nice headlights' detail, matte black paint and correct 1/64 size. Tomica is keeping its usual and basic Tomica casting with its unique 4-spoke wheels.

Regardless of the brand you collect, they are still the insanely powerful V12 Lamborghini Aventador, a direct supercar to rival the 730hp Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Supercars are a-must-collect items for miniature collectors, and well... get your Aventador now! :D

Thanks for looking!