Toyota FT-1 Concept Unveiled


Toyota has officially unveiled their ultimate sports car, the Toyota FT-1 Concept at Detroit Motor Show 2014. The one concept car that is most talked about this week since its first public exposure. This uniquely futuristic design was made possible by Toyota's Calty Design Research in California, USA. Inspired from recent concepts FT-HS & LF-LC, the FT-1 also carries significant features from Toyota's former sports coupe models like the 2000GT, MR2, and Supra. I am sure that there's a bit of LFA & GT86 on it.

The fresh and sophisticated design implies Toyota's new direction towards producing cars that captures the people's attention and sense of excitement in owning a Toyota. Officials announced the FT-1 or 'Future Toyota-1' will be in FR (front engine rear-wheel drive) layout, but no information were given on the engine. Since FT-1 is rumoured to be the successor for Supra, a new straight-six JZ engine will continue on Supra's legacy. However, with current trend of implementing hybrid system in its powerplant like La Ferrari, P1, 918 Spyder and new NSX, Toyota might even consider to go green. Nevertheless, Toyota guarantees the FT-1 to be powered by a high-tech, high performance internal combustion engine.

Hopefully, they finalise the production design of FT-1 soon because we can't wait to witness the battle between the new NSX, 2016 GT-R R36 and the new Supra! :D

At the mean time, lets check out the FT-1 Concept video by Toyota USA and FT-1 trailer on the PS3 Gran Turismo 6 platform.

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