1/43 EBBRO Calsonic IMPUL GT-R (Signed by Hoshino)


Have you ever fancied owning a diecast signed by someone famous? Yes, I'm sure you have. What I have here is one interesting EBBRO GT-R diecast autographed by none other than Mr Hoshino Kazuyoshi himself.

Okay, getting your stuff signed by him/her is not an easy task. You must be at the right time, right place and best of luck to actually meet the person and request for an autograph. In my case, my EBBRO GT-R diecast was received in a different occasion. I won it through an online SuperGT slogan contest organised by Nissan Malaysia June last year. :D

The slogan contest went something like this: I want to see Calsonic Impul GT-R because... And, I submitted my complete sentence and won the contest! The prize was 2 SuperGT Grandstand tickets and this exclusive autographed Calsonic Impul GT-R GT500 diecast. 

Mr Hoshino Kazuyoshi (星野一義) is former race car driver who participated in many important championships like the F1, Japan Touring Car Championship (JTCC) and 24 Hours Le Mans and nicknamed the "Fastest man in Japan". Currently, Hoshino is the team principal for Team #12 Calsonic Impul in SuperGT and runs Impul company which specialises in aftermarket parts for Nissans. What a privilege to have his signature on the display case in front.

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Photo Credit: [Leblogauto.com]

Hoshino Kazuyoshi won the 1990 All-Japan Touring Car Championship with his iconic Calsonic Skyline GT-R R32.

The diecast I received from Nissan Malaysia was as expected, Hoshino Kazuyoshi's #12 Team Calsonic Impul SuperGT machine. Not the latest one, but a 2012 GT500 GT-R (R35) model made by EBBRO. This one here is a Low Down Force version released on February 2013.

Just in case, you are wondering what's the difference between Standard version and a Low Down Force version GT-R. Here you go. :)

The GT500 car above was driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Joao Paulo de Oliveria in 2012 series of SuperGT and scored competitive 4th placing in Overall Driver's & Team's Point Standings. It had a 3.4L VRH34B V6 engine powering over 530hp and 45kgm of torque. The GT machine in real life weighed at mere 1100kg!

If you're a diecast collector/enthusiasts looking for highly detailed diecasts which aren't too big and about 3~4 inches in length, I would recommend EBBRO to you. EBBRO makes highly detailed 1/43 diecasts and perfect replica of the real ones at a smaller dimension. Their product list is also regularly updated with newest GT, road and classic cars, mainly Japanese. Give their site a visit. Click here.

Take a look at what I was complimenting about EBBROs. Beautifully crafted and highly detailed diecasts for serious collectors. Clear and accurate decals of Team Calsonic and other sponsors, Nismo GT wheels with prominent brake discs and calipers, and more. Nothing can get better than this! :D

A great diecast added to my collection, moreover with Hoshino Kazuyoshi's valuable signature. Many thanks to Nissan Malaysia for awarding it to the five lucky winners (me included). Looks like I've got to continue my support for Team Nissan in this year's 2014 series of SuperGT. Haha! 

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