The Day I Met Victoria


By now, petrolheads should be familiar with the existence of Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB), a tuning brand which made popular by Akira Nakai for its distinctive wide body design on Porsche chassis. RWB has became an important figure in the automotive world, spreading its rough culture across the globe.

Philippines too, didn't miss the chance to be part of RWB family and, I dropby Car Porn Racing a while back to meet the 1st RWB from the region.

There were so many 'first' in this excursion - My first visit to Philippines, first time checking out car workshop abroad, and my first encounter with RWB Victoria. :D The moment I knew that I am flying to Manila, immediately I researched for the whereabouts of the RWB. Cutting the long story short, here I am, at the doorstep of Car Porn Racing, decorated in eye-catching blue camouflage paint which gives you the sense that you will find awesome stuff here.

Without hesitation, I walked into the building to find nothing only but cool tuned cars parked in an orderly manner. I knew I was at the right place! Mr Ian King, Car Porn Racing owner and the rest of the crew gave me a warm welcome and invited me in. I was thankful to them for allowing strangers like me to hang around and spend some time at Car Porn.

Immediately, I saw her; Victoria was up there on the lift receiving some service treatment. She was the reason why I was here. Well, more about Victoria later.

Everyone in Manila knows Ian as the Managing Director of popular motel chain called Victoria Court (I didn't know at first o_o") and his extreme love for cars. He started up Car Porn Racing, more as a hobby rather than competing with with other car shops. His car shop specialises in air suspension, RWB Porsches, V8 engine transplants, custom bodywork and various modifications.

Ian briefed me through the array of cars at his shop. Some cars belonged to customers and some were project cars undergoing full restoration like the above, Kim Garcia's AE86. Its ultra wide bodykit was being handcrafted to perfection by a dedicated Car Porn crew member. The two things I knew about this car: it'll be a V8 and installed with Car Porn's trademark air suspension kit. Might take a while 'til its completion.

Since Ian had to run through some errands, the friendly and knowledgeable Manager of Car Porn Racing, Chepe Feliciano aided my tour around the workshop and happily answered all questions I posted.

Before Victoria, let's meet Akira, second Philippines RWB which was named after the builder Akira Nakai. When RWB Nakai-san was here for the build, the colour of this Porsche 964 was black but due to owner's preference, it turned to  matte blue. Even Ian and the crew thought RWB Akira looked better in black. :D

Instead of the common GT wing on RWBs you see elsewhere, this 964 wears an appealing duck tail rear wing. Its Carrera engine is 3.6L stock. Wheels are 18" Work Meister S1 3P with front 11J and rear 12J, wrapped in 265/35 and 335/30 Kumho Ecsta tyres respectively.

RWB Akira's interior has been kept clean and basic. Few touches like MOMO steering wheel, RWB Bride bucket seats and pedals/track mat/shift knobs by Rennline, to make the cockpit an interesting place to be.

This is Chepe's daily ride, a non-sequential twin-turbo FD3S (RX7) built to tackle the touges (mountain roads) of Philippines! :D

More of Ian's toys, mostly Beemers on display. From right, E46 3-Series, E39 M5 with a custom wide body on it, and on the far left (black front), is Ian King's infamous BM-Vette, an E46 3-Series with Corvette's 6.2L LS3 V8 inside. All the cars here are equipped with AirREX and AccuAir suspension systems and Varex X-Force exhaust.

And, there she is - Victoria, Philippines first RWB; a one of its kind among the other RWBs you've seen before. It's the first RWB running on air suspension, first V8-powered RWB and, first RWB having this stunning Amaranth Violet paint.

Ian wanted an RWB badly because he was attracted to Nakai-san's excellent work of creation and its aggressive wide bodykit on Porsches. Since, Nakai-san only transforms the older air-cooled Porsches into RWBs, and Ian has deep love for huge rear-ends (LOL), a 993 Porsche model was chosen. [993 is the widest among 964 & 930]

To match beautifully the purple body on Victoria, gold 18" Work Meister S1 wheels were fitted. 11J at front, but whopping 13.5J at the back; Likewise, using the same Kumho Ecsta 265/35 and 335/30 tyres as Akira. Brakes were upgraded to StopTech big brake kit for more stopping power during track session.

With that remarkably low ride height and tyres nearly touching the fenders, wouldn't it be impossible to drive slammed RWBs on the bumpy roads of Manila? Ian has just the solution for it.

With the use of AirREX and AccuAir suspension setup, it replaces standard coilovers and the car's ride height can now be freely adjustable based on driver's preference. There were three pre-fixed settings on the remote (or iPhone) which indicate three different ride height - low when car's parked, normal for daily drive and high when getting over speed bumps.

After being introduced to airbags and seeing the live demo of how simple it works, I was fascinated with the idea (on my car) of having both 'showoff' slammed-to-ground style and the ability to evade speed bumps when necessary.

Porsche GT2 style trunk and huge championship GT wing adds to Victoria's menacing race car personality, compared to Akira's humble duck tail. The Victoria is an example of the best customizations and products that Car Porn Racing has to offer; including the Varex XPipe exhaust fitted onto it.

Popped open the rear trunk, sat a huge 5.7L V8 LS1 engine from the Corvette outputting an estimated value of 330hp and a decent amount of torque. Ian has yet to run any dyno test on his car, because he was considering another round of engine transplant, craving for more horses at the back of the trunk; possibly a 525hp 6.2L Tuned Crate LS3 engine. O_o!

According to both Ian and Chepe, some changes have been made, over the original RWB kit that Nakai-san put on. Relying only on old-fashioned air to cool the hot and powerful LS1 engine at the back, it wouldn't be enough to keep the engine running for long. Therefore, a bigger radiator was installed at the front compartment and, larger vents (skirting) had to be cut out for more air intake. The early tow hook was also removed. [This is how it looked like before]

Nothing complicated in the interior of Victoria. Only MOMO Drift steering wheel and Recaro SR7 bucket seats were equipped.

Oh no! Victoria! ... Nahh, nothing happened to her. A picture taken at an angle simply to tease your brain. :D

When Ian King returned back from his errands, he generously offered me a ride in his precious RWB for a short test run. What an opportunity I could not resist, so I sat at the passenger seat (on the right) and set off. Oh my, the car was a rocket! It was fast, real fast. Imagine having a torquey engine in a lightweight chassis. 

Most importantly, it was LOUD! The Corvette engine sounded so muscular, and kept growling on like a beast, as Ian kept his foot down on the accelerator.

We dropped by Joaquin's place, Ian's cousin who is also car lover and heavily involved automotive scene. He does bullet-proofing (car armoring) and customising bodykits for clients, and even owns a huge workshop filled with tons of nice cars.

One of them was this extremely clean Honda NSX in Joaquin's workshop, which belongs to Dennis Oliva, Ian's friend who's also a part of the business. This beauty had been bored and stroked to 3.5L V6 natural aspirated engine. Unfortunately, I didn't capture much pictures of this legendary machine and definitely be back to see it again.

Dennis, Joaquin and Ian, a group of friends chit-chatting nothing but cars. :D

Joaquin was checking out the extended rear fender of RWB Victoria.

A fine tune audio for your ears. :)

There are still loads to be done as Victoria is still an uncomplete project car. 330hp is surely enough for me, but Ian desires for more. He'll drop in a 525hp LS3 engine soon and continuous fine tune had to be done to achieve his likings and checklist.

After the meetup, Ian stopped at one of the less traveled alley where I can thoroughly admire and freely photoshoot this RWB beauty under the bright evening sunlight.

Victoria was such a timeless beauty. Porsche 993 is already a beautiful thing, but with Nakai-san's magical hands, the car has been transformed into a different personality, which I'd prefer to call it 'sick' and 'insane'. Furthermore, Victoria is a special one among the other RWBs. It is running on airbags and best of all, a V8.

And, its presence whether at a car event, on the track or by just cruising on the streets of Manila, it'll definitely attract everyone's attention with its unique wide body of RWB and the loud roaring V8.

This was my first close encounter with RWB outside of Malaysia and Japan, and it was totally worth it to travel so far from Malaysia, and met up with all the cool guys at Car Porn Racing. I'd like to thank Ian King, Chepe and Miles for having me here.

For those of you, who planned for a visit to Manila. Do visit Car Porn Racing (as it's situated near Manila Airport) to say 'Hi!' to the pretty Victoria. That's all folks! Hope you enjoy this post and the pictures! :)

Thank you Car Porn Racing!