Where was I?


First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for my inactivity in hayashi86.com. Due to reasons like work and business trips, I was having quite little time to do quality writeup about automotive events and visits. This short post was to let you know, I am still here! In fact, even better than before. :)

Recently, I had the chance to be in Japan for a short one week period and where do you reckon I would be spending my time at? Sensoji Temple at Asakusa? Or the 634m tall Tokyo Skytree? Or the 'famous' street of Kabukicho? Nope, nope, nope... 

I always have this car hunting habit where ever I go. If you're in Japan, the holyground of automotive culture, you've got to look for cars! :D And, that's exactly what I will be sharing with you today - a preview of my upcoming posts.

First place was Top Run, a car dealership + repair + restore shop located in Matsumoto City, about 220km away from Tokyo, and they had unique collections of nostalgic cars for sale. At the restoration workshop behind the front dealershop, sat a beautiful looking '83 DR30 RS-Turbo Skyline!

My visit to Star Road workshop and met personally with the builder of this perfect looking S30 (240Z), Shouji Inoue. I know you can't wait for this article. Same for me as well. :P

Remember I wrote my experience to the old Nismo Omori Factory a while back? Yeap, this is the newer and bigger Omori Factory at Daikoku-cho that houses all the latest Nismo technology and an array of Nismo's best creations were on display for public.

I was caught in the RWB fever. Knowing that RWB HQ is closed during my visit, I still traveled high and far just to catch a glimpse of Nakai-san's workplace.

And, finally when I was back to Malaysia, in the same week, I drove 300km south to Johor Bahru, Malaysia's 2nd largest city to meet up with Yamato Nadeshiko, Malaysia's first RWB ...

... and experiencing the building of 2nd Malaysia RWB by the famous Porsche tuner, Nakai-san.

It was one helluva week full with nothing only but cars, in Japan and Malaysia. It might take some time for the slowpoke me to share my stories. Therefore, I will try my very best (burning the midnight oil) to compile and complete a good article cum pretty pictures for your viewing. :)

Thank you and see ya soon!