The Arrival of Koenigsegg Agera S in Malaysia


NAZA Group has been appointed as the Koenigsegg Automotive distributor for two regions - Malaysia and Indonesia. They officially launched NAZA Swedish Motors recently and it is responsible for delivering the hypercar brand, Koenigsegg. I was lucky enough to participate in the ceremony; witnessing the unveiling of Agera S, and meeting Mr Koenigsegg, the man behind the car.

By 10.30am that Tuesday, the showroom hall of NAZA World was already crowded with guests from various media publications. Many were excited for this event as the Koenigsegg Agera S was to be unveiled for first time in Malaysia.

When the founder of Koenigsegg,  Christian von Koenigsegg was up on stage, he shared a bit about his company and his inspiring journey to build the ultimate car. From an early age, he has been inspired to build racing cars. In 1995, when he was 22, he started the Koenigsegg car company and built his first prototype machine in just 2 years time, known as the Koenigsegg CC. Christian sold his first production car, the CC8S, to a European customer in 2002, attaining the Guinness World Record for the most powerful production car.

Continuing his success, he introduced the 806hp CCR in 2004, breaking the world speed record at 388km/h, beating the legendary McLaren F1. In 2006, another model called the CCX became the first car to have world-wide homologation from US and it set the lap record at Top Gear track in the same year and stayed unbeaten for almost 3 years in Top Gear history. The very next year saw the emergence of the '07 CCXR, the world's first 'green' supercar, powered by E85 biofuel.


Then, came Koenigsegg Agera (2010), Agera R (2011) and Agera S (2012). :)

The plaque signing ceremony took place right after speeches by guests of honour, involving Mr Christian von Koenigsegg (Left), Datuk Wira SM Faisal, the CEO of NAZA Group (Right) and witnessed by the Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Bengt G. Carlsson (Middle).

The unveiling of the Koenigsegg Agera S marked the official opening of NAZA Swedish Motors in Malaysia. From left, David Hector Ratnaike, Senior Manager-Sales, Malaysia & Indonesia of NAZA Swedish Motors, Andreas Petre', Director-Head of Sales of Koenigsegg, Datuk Wira HJ SM Faisal & Christian von Koenigsegg.

Meet the new Agera S! It looks incredibly amazing in real life. This car is made of carbon fiber and sits really low on the ground, like how a hypercar should. Agera S is quite similar to previous Koenigsegg models (CC8S, CCR, CCS) as Koenigsegg prefers to continue their philosophy in prioritizing performance by taking the design and shape of the car from what were highly aerodynamic previous models and improving on them.

The Agera S is the only model currently offered to the Malaysian market instead of the more powerful Koenigsegg, the Agera R, due the unavailability of E85 biofuel in Malaysia, which the Agera R runs on E85.

The name Agera means 'to take action' in Swedish. It is also short for the ancient Greek word Ageratos which means 'ageless'. Both meanings fit perfectly on a car that is building the future of Koenigsegg. The Koenigsegg badge, proudly emblazoned on the front hood of the car represents the shield of the Koenigsegg family.

We know exotics usually have cool-looking door mechanisms like Lamborghini's scissor doors, McLaren's butterfly doors, and Mercedes-Benz SLS's gullwing doors. The Koenigsegg does not disappoint, itself adopting a unique door system known as dihedral synchro-helix actuation system, designed by the founder himself. It is a Koenigsegg trademark feature on all of its models.

Koenigsegg is proud to say that they are the only low volume car manufacturer in the world to develop their engines in-house. The Agera S has a 5L bi-turbo V8 engine which produces an enormous 1030hp at 7100rpm and 1100Nm of torque at 4100rpm. Even so, the complete engine weighs only 197kg, the lightest engine you can ever find in a hypercar.

Let's hear the noise made by the Agera S...

Hmmm, maybe the video doesn't quite do justice to the 1030hp engine. Nothing beats hearing the mean machine in real life.

The massive power from the engine is channeled to the rear wheels via Koenigsegg E-Diff (Electronic Differential) and the new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The entire tranmission system weighs a mere 81kg, which is by far the lightest 7-speed hypercar transmission system in the world.

As the result of Koenigsegg's constant striving for weight savings in various parts of the car on top of its carbon fiber kevlar body application, it is able to achieve a total dry weight of only 1330kg.

With all the weight savings and tremendous power output it can produce, the performance on the road is staggering. The Agera S can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 2.9s, 0-200km/h in 7.8s, and hit a top speed of over 400km/h! Hypercar performance, this is.

The Swedish hypercar implements a unique Triplex rear suspension system, invented by the founder himself. The Triplex system is made up of one shock absorber on each side holding onto the chassis and an additional shock absorber (in the middle) connecting the left and right wheels together. This enables the car to obtain maximum traction and maximum level of comfort (on straights and corners) without sacrificing important things like comfort, handling and safety.

Another in-house design is featured at the wheels of the Agera S. They are hollow inside and constructed completely from carbon fiber! The ultralight and strong wheels are wrapped in specially developed Michelin Super Sport tyres (265/35R19 in front & 345/30R20 at the rear) that are capable of handling extreme speeds at over 400km/h and the intense g-force created.

Koenigsegg's braking system is also world class stuff. The hypercar takes only 6.6s to brake from 300-0km/h. From 0-300km/h, and back to 0km/h, the Agera S needs only 22.7s to do all that!

The cockpit of the Agera S is delicately trimmed in selected materials mainly carbon fiber, aluminium, alcantara and aniline leather. The interior is kept minimal without any dramatic visuals or sophisticated buttons, and the touch screen infotainment system at the center console provides all functional features available in a normal road car.

Like all Koenigseggs, the Agera S have a particular feature that no other supercar or sports car can replicate - the detachable and stowable hardtop. Owners can choose to go topless in the Agera S, and stow the one-piece roof perfectly in its 120L luggage space in front. Talk about practicality in this Swedish hypercar.

The fully exposed Agera S in its most gorgeous form. Now, let's hear the price. The Agera S is for sale at approximately RM15 million, including duties and tax. This insane price tag will rank the Agera S as one of the most expensive cars ever sold in Malaysia!

There are plenty of supercar models to choose from, but why a Swedish car brand, you ask? Because owning a Koenigsegg means you're getting the best of the best. Christian von Koenigsegg is truly a remarkable car builder. With his passion, imagination and determination, he was able to start a company with a philosophy focused on creating the ultimate supercar. Every detail and aspect has to deliver the best possible performance and the latest Agera S, genuinely shows the extremely high quality of Koenigsegg.

Thanks to NAZA Group for bringing this magnificent hypercar brand to Malaysia. From now onwards, we may get to see maybe one or two of these Koenigsegg tearing up our local roads and expressways (potential buyer on the list). And when you do meet one, take your time to admire its endless details and beauty that Mr Christian von Koenigsegg has built for the world to behold.

Please enjoy more pictures from the event in the gallery below. :)