AE86 Collections


It's been a while since I share some cool 'toys' with you guys. So, to commemorate the recent '86 Day', I took out my valuable treasures from the sacred vault and did a short photoshoot on them. They were all uncommon AE86 collectibles which I managed to keep, and maintain over the years. Check them out! :D

Let's start with the smaller scales first. These are 1/64 castings by Hotwheels released in various versions/colours. 

The most left is the first AE86 ever produced by Hotwheels in year 2006. The ones in the middle followed closely to Initial D livery which released in 2013. The colourful card on the right was a special Hotwheels series in 2012 and surprisingly, AE86 was chosen to represent the best car of that decade. In 2014, we get a new AE86 in a full silver body.

Japanese diecast brand Tomica will never miss out the AE86 in their lineup. They came in two AE86 model - Trueno and Levin, in different colours and variations many years back, and they are surely hard to find now. Check them out here!

Fortunately, I was able to pick up few AE86 Tomica from the Initial D set and of course, the new AE86 casting from the Dream Tomica Series which released last year. Here for my review!

The Chibi version of Takumi's car are made of resin and they are quite detailed for its size. Cute stuff.

Two more Chibi AE86 that I have, are from Choro-Q. The red AE86 on the left is a Choro-Q but sold under the series called 'Q-Steer' as it came with an infrared controller to steer your mini Trueno around. If you swapped with the red tyre, you can perform drift stunts on your Choro-Q! Sadly, we won't be seeing these fun cars selling anymore, because TOMY company has announced the discontinuation of this series. :(

This well-detailed 1/72 sized AE86 is made by Yodel, bootleg of the original Real-X brand. It has a base with the name of the car and Initial D logo printed on, and came with plastic cover to showcase it nicely on the shelves. I have the AE86, FD3S and FC3S at this size.

When I was in Japan, I managed to pick up these few awesome 'deformed' hachiroku pullback minicars. The 'Toyota Automobile Museum' ones, I purchased from the famous Toyota Amlux Building in Ikebukuro (but closed down last Dec). If you do visit Toyota MegaWeb in Odaiba, you should be able to find them too or best,  visit the Toyota Automobile Museum in Aichi prefecture. The black bonnet Trueno in the white box is available at almost any departmental stores in Japan.

Another rare acquisition is this AE86 mouse! Yes, it's a USB computer mouse in the shape of an AE86 Trueno! It was a limited edition item bundled with Suntory BOSS coffee released only in Family Mart convenience stores in Japan in 2011. I was lucky to get this specific AE86 model before anyone else. :)

The best part is when you plugged the USB cable into your PC, the rear lights and the BOSS logo illuminate! It's the most exclusive item ever added to my AE86 collection, and I still keep it in the box, unused.

This Taiyo Radican-Club R/C AE86 was a gift from my Japanese friend and it's an official Initial D product from Kodansha. Cool stuff.

I have a 1/24 diecast of Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 by Hotworks. It includes all the upgrades (Watanabe wheels, racing seat, foglights, black bonnet, 20V engine, number plate, Tofu delivery decal, and even a water cup for the center console) to convert the stock hachiroku into Takumi's Project D version AE86. The transformation looks something like this.

I have another 1/24 sized Trueno AE86, but it's plamodel (plastic model) by Fujimi. It is yet to be assembled or might never be, as I have zero talent in making car model kits like this. LOL I'll probably keep it as it is, 'til I find someone talented to build it nicely for me.

Next is not a diecast, nor a plastic model. It's an AE86 papercraft which I found online and made it myself many moons ago. If you're interested in making one yourself, check the link here! To make a good papercraft, two tips for you, (i) make sure the paper is thick and (ii) the ink is water-resistant. :D

The biggest AE86 I've ever own is this model made of plastic, about 1/15 scale. Not sure what the brand is, but it looks huge sitting beside the 1/64 Tomica. Details are decent with no doors and bonnet openings.

Look at the size of that thing! It's freaking big and it covers almost as big as my palm. You'll have a different feeling playing this AE86! Haha

The final one has to be the best AE86 diecast ever. The AutoArt 1/18 Toyota Sprinter Trueno Initial D 'Project D Ver.' has incredible detail, perfect paint quality and proportionately right in every way. Of course, the price was a bit expensive too. Check out my in depth review here!

So how many AE86 collectibles have you managed to gather? Even though, my collections are small compared to those AE86 fanatics, but I will not give up and continue to add in more and more AE86 stuff, one at a time, hopefully achieving my dream of owning the real 1/1 scale AE86 Trueno in future.

Thanks for looking!