Santa's Speciale


Remember we've covered the official unveiling of the Ferrari 458 Speciale early this year? Check link here. Looks like our Malaysian friend is receiving the new Prancing Horse model in a very special way. I dropped by NAZA Italia one fine weekend, to have a better look at it. :)

NAZA Italia is the official importer and distributor of Ferrari cars in Malaysia. Its grand showroom is situated in Petaling Jaya, along the Federal Highway. Many of you would notice its existence, if you're travelling from Klang to KL city. For me, I'd always be drooling over the awesome cars on display, even when I'm behind the steering wheel. Haha

Anyway, I walked into the showroom looking for that special Speciale...

... and found that it was parked peacefully at the other hallway, surrounded by pole barriers safeguarding it from strangers like me. In fact, this is the first customer unit 458 Speciale to be registered from NAZA, but yet to be delivered for some reason.

The colour combo on this Speciale is simply amazing. Its body is matte white, matched with striking red chrome at its front diffuser and the elongated Speciale stripe, ...

... with brushed aluminium surface at the roof, side mirrors and rear spoilers. Credits to the person who came up with this sharp design. If Mr Santa Claus were to buy a sports car, this is how it supposed to look like. :)

However, this colour combination is not Ferrari's original paint work. It's custom wrapped by none other than the experienced Motorsport Playground, mostly for protection purpose. The 458 Speciale's base colour is actually white (Bianco Avus) without any stripe.

The leather interior is surely a special custom order made to Ferrari.

There's plenty of options to choose from too. How about a 458 Speciale configurator to play with? You can build your own virtual one here!

Aesthetics over function.

I'm sure many would have asked the same question: What's with the ribbon? Is it a surprise present? Hmm, I guessed I do not have the answer for that.

Whether it's a birthday present or a Christmas present or simply a decoration, I am sure the person who receives the 597hp supercar would be surprised at its pretty exterior, and jumping with absolute joy! :D

I was lucky to admire two more 458 Speciale in the showroom. Both in original Giallo Modena (Yellow) colour and Nero Stellato stripe livery. The first one was wearing gold wheels...

... and the second was in black wheels. Awesome!

Looks like we'll be seeing lots of the new Speciale roaming on the Malaysian roads soon. But, among them, my first pick would definitely be the unique white-red-silver combo coloured Ferrari 458 Speciale, Mr Santa's favourite ride. :)