C-nister : Danny's C210


This infamous black and gold four-door C210 Skyline is something you might have overlooked at the many classic car events held this year in Malaysia. It belongs to Atara Racing's founder, Mr Danny Foo whose from Penang. We were lucky enough to get upclose with this Datsun beauty and feature it in hayashi86.com! :)

Atara Racing is a local wheel manufacturer and has been in the business for almost 5 years. They are responsible for innovating cool retro style wheels and distributing the quality products to their customers from all around the world. Currently, the popular product in the model lineup are Pisang, Cengkih and their latest one, MY14S.

A short history lesson on the C210 Skyline. C210 (Skyline Japan) was launched in 1977 as the 5th model in the Skyline family, succeeding the famous Kenmeri C110. Available in 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan and a rare 5-door wagon variant. In late 1979, C210 was replaced by facelift C211 model which has square headlights instead of the round ones.

The earlier TI models (1.6L & 1.8L) had rectangular taillights while the later GT models (2L and turbo version) had round taillights. Skyline Japan did not receive the GT-R badge like its predecessors because of the oil crisis that eliminated presence of performance sports cars during the 70s.

We talked to Mr Danny personally to understand a little better of his unique Skyline Japan.

Hayashi86 (H86): Hi Danny, can you tell us a bit about your awesome ride?

Danny Foo (DF): Yes, sure! This C210 Skyline is known as Datsun 180K. I bought it in 2012 and it took almost 9 months to get it back on the road. When I got it, it was bad from top to bottom. Handling, engine, mounting, etc were as good as scrap.

DF: I got it to VCS Car Centre in Butterworth, Penang and gave them my idea how I wanted it to be, and now what you see is my version of C210, C-nister. That's the nickname I gave him.

H86: Why did you choose C210 Skyline as a restoration project?

DF: I call my collection of cars, the 'Last of the Samurai', because I have the 280ZX (S130) which is the last of S series Fairlady and this C210, as the last C series Skyline before the R series arrives.

H86: We've noticed the Silvia SR20DET engine. What happened to the original one?

DF: When I first gotten this car, it already came with the SR20 swap. All I did was to restore it to its glory. Old engine was supposed to be the 1.8L inline-four Z18 engine, but I am not sure what the previous owner did to it. Now, it has a decent 200 worth of horsepower at the wheels.

H86: What further changes had been made to the C210?

DF: Not much on the exterior. I still retain most of the C210 as it is. Just the extended fenders, the front lip, and...

DF: ... of course the huge custom duck tail! Originally, it came with the C10 tail but I replaced it with a retro style duck tail with a bit of flair. I got the rear bumper removed as I want it clean. At first, I wanted the front bumper off as well, but then again, let's put it back and see how it goes. Overall exterior look is sort of Shakotan style. :)

DF: Oh yeah, not to forget the Atara Racing 9J Pisang wheels! Ahem ahem, Go Atara Go!

Danny's C210 is using gold painted 15" 9J wheels wrapped in thin 195/60 Bridgestone Sports Tourer MY-01 tyres on all four. With this, it could achieve the stretched tyre effect, commonly known as 'hipari' styling in Japan.

H86: How about the neat and simple interior?

DF: Yes, I got the whole dashboard customised, fitted with AC and cluster gauge from Silvia S13 (which left by previous owner). To make it look like a race car, I added few switches - kill switch (red), push-start button (blue) and an extra fan switch. You can choose to start the car using the conventional key start or the cool push-start button. I also removed the rear seats for a possible anti roll bar installation in future. The seats are from Mazda MX5 though.

H86: What is your favourite feature about the C210?

DF: C210 is an underdog's car. Too many limelight being given to C10, C110 and even the C210 240K. I want to change the people's perception that a 4-door sedan can be wild and wicked. It all depends on how you want to build that ride. Build it as you want it, not how you want people to like it. So, what feature I like about the C210. I guess everything about it, as C-nister is my style. :)

H86: One last question! Does the number 41 on the door panel/front hood have any special meanings?

DF: Actually, there is no special meaning. I simply took the first two digits of the number plate and put it there. Hahaha.

Now we know a little more about Mr Danny's personal ride, and the history behind this last C series Skyline. This car has come a long way, thanks to Mr Danny's persistent effort in restoring his old school Skyline, so that we can admire and remind ourselves how cool classic cars were and still are relevant today.

Thank you Mr Danny for allowing us to spend some time with your C-nister!

Check out more Atara Racing's demo car below. :)