One Night with Skylines


On one fine Friday night last month, Malaysian Skyline Club had organised a small gathering 'Skyline TT' for local Skyline owners and it was held at one of the R&R (Rest & Relaxation) parking area on the popular KESAS Highway. Since I've never been to a local casual car meeting at night before, I decided to experience it myself. :)

At about 10pm, I arrived to find few legendary Nissan models already here waiting.

For those unfamiliar with Malaysian culture, the acronym ‘TT’ in ‘Skyline TT’ actually stands for ‘Teh Tarik’, a popular drink in Malaysia. This hot milk tea beverage (Pulled Tea in English) is often associated with the Malaysian culture of hanging out or ‘lepak’ or ‘yamcha’ at local coffee shops and restaurants. It is not uncommon for local gatherings to be called ‘Teh Tarik’ sessions and so the term is also used by the community of car enthusiasts in Malaysia to describe their car meets.

As the night was still young, more and more cars started pouring in to the parking area. If you knew about Daikoku Futo, this is like the Malaysian version of it.

The Skyline Meet that night was overwhelmed by the presence of R34s. They came in different colours, tuning kits and variations - GT-R, GT-T, 2-door, 4-door, etc. Some of the GT-T models were wearing GT-R clothes, making it difficult to identify. Let's check them out and see if you can differentiate the GT-Rs from the GT-Ts. Ready? Go!




When I saw three GT-R R34s in my favourite Bayside Blue colour, I can't help but constantly admiring at them and got the camera working. It reminded me of a Bayside Blue GT-R R34 car feature which I made early this year.


Like the front, the rear looked incredibly sexy as hell. Do you agree with me that GT-R R34 is the best looking model in the Skyline family?


Of course, we got to appreciate the older Skyline models - R33, R32, HR31, DR30, C110 & C10. Because without the past, there will not be future, and we have to thank Nissan for making Skyline one of the most successful sports car in the world.


The Skyline TT gathering wasn't only about Skylines. A bunch of other JDM machines (friends of Skyline owners) did not miss the night to join the fun.


There were few Fairladys, Silvias, Cefiros, Supras and one RX8.


This Silvia S13 with that unmistakable Rocket Bunny kit has been on my to-see list for the longest of time, meeting it here was a great surprise. It was even more surprising to know the car was built to this state by the owner himself over the years. Wow!

After a lengthy chit chatting among the owners, it was certainly the time for ...

... a happy family portrait. JDM BANZAI!

I wish that sometime soon, instead of capturing the photos, I will be inside the photo with them. :)

However, the night didn't end just yet, the best part was about to begin. Everyone decided to give a run in their rides on the long straights of KESAS Highway and MEX Highway.

A short clip on the intense atmosphere before the run, and a Cefiro burnout for show.


When they meant by 'drive', it is not the slow and steady convoy, but an adrenaline pumping top speed over 220km/h run on the highway. According to a regular participant of the meet, those who can't keep up will be left behind. This principle is religiously observed. :O

My buddy from Autobahn Ground offered me a ride in his fast R32 Skyline, but those GT-Rs were way faster, I mean crazy fast! In just seconds, the guys in front disappeared into the dark leaving some of us behind. @@ Nevertheless, I enjoyed the speedy acceleration and the addicting sound of the turbo wastegate on his R32.


Finally, they all stopped for a break at one of the R&R parking area on MEX highway. Seeing from their happy faces, everyone seemed to be enjoying very much driving hard that quiet night.


This was the only Nissan GT-R R35 in the 'TT' session, and possibly the only time I've ever seen a red one in Malaysia. 300km/h? Not a problem at all.

The Skyline Meet came to an end at about 1am as everyone decided to call it a night, when the rain gradually got heavy.  As for me, I left the place feeling happy and contented with the experience I had meeting all the rare JDM sports cars especially the Godzillas.

This is my first, but definitely not my last time, being at 'TT' session and hanging out with the friendly people of Malaysian Skyline Club. Looking forward for more meets like this near future.

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