Timetoattack 2014 Final Round Visit (AM)


TIMETOATTACK is a Time Attack event organised by none other than our local automotive media, Zerotohundred.com for drivers to break lap times and show off what their track purpose built machines are capable of. Unfortunately, the Time Attack took place at 12pm and, ... err, I couldn't stay for a little longer due to personal matter.

Nevertheless, I made it to the Track Day and cover a bit of the morning session at Sepang International Circuit.

This is definitely the last major event in 2014 at our local 5.543km circuit. I arrived at about 9am to find the track already roaring hard and loud with playful owners in their personal ride. Track Day started early.

Before getting onto the track (for photoshoot), I walked around the paddock area and many TimeToAttack participants were getting ready, and unloading their cars from the truck.

This is Amazing Garage's RX7, the only rotary representative. In the last TimeToAttack event early April this year, the team managed to win 1st place in Super Street FR Turbo category. Will this rotary rocket maintained its position again this time?

Metallic green GT-R? To be frank, I've never like any cars in green, but this guy totally nailed it. :)

Open Track Day is a free 3-hour track session where drivers get to roam around Sepang Circuit at their own pace, enjoying no speed limit driving in the safest way. Helmet and seatbelt is a must, and no lap time is recorded.

It’s hard enough to even see one AE86 on the street. That morning, not one, but two humble little hachirokus were present and they were seen hunting down those modern days sports cars.

AE86s have been with us for 30 years. Despite their age, these two passionate owners are still brave enough to bring their cars to the track. This is something salute-worthy. Since I'm a huge fan of 86s, I couldn't stop hitting the shutter button on my camera. Who doesn't love AE86? :D



Choosing between practicality and performance? 2.0L K20A powered Honda Civic Type-R offers the best of both worlds and popular among all track enthusiasts. VTEC just kicked in, yo!

Never forget one of the fastest ever ‘Malaysian made’ production car – the Proton Satria GTi. Every Malaysian wanted to own this 2-door hot hatch in the 90s. It’s sporty and quick with its 1.8L 4G93 DOHC I4 engine originally from Mitsubishi Lancer GSR.


It was my first time seeing the new 2015 Lamborghini Huracán on Sepang Circuit and boy, that thing is mean! I felt like it's going bite off another car's rear when it sees one in front. The angry bull should be on par against ...


… the McLaren MP4-12C and Nissan GT-R.

Which do you reckon is a faster machine? Italian, British or Japan made?

Organiser Zerotohundred.com also joined in for the excitement with their latest ZTH project car, Renault Clio RS, which they built and prepare solely for this event.

Here is Takumi, when he is not on tofu delivery.

Keisuke was there too, to support his Project D teammate.

A fleet of pristine Japanese classics were specially brought in by JT Cars, a local classic car restorer and dealer, and their presence changed the atmosphere. It was an eye savouring scene for spectators who came, to be able to witness the cars which were once glorious, representing the pride of Japan.

Those cars were Datsun 240Z, Toyota Celica GT-Four RC, Toyota Celica Supra MK2, Toyota Celica GT TA22 & RA28, Mazda RX-7 SA22C, AutoZam AZ-1, and Honda S800.

Everyone loves the 240Z. But for me, the Honda S800 Roadster stood out more that day. I don't know, maybe it was the colour, the convertible roadster (that none of the other cars had), and the compact fun-to-drive feeling shown on this S series. Plus, I saw an S600 earlier in Japan.


It has a similar interior as the S600, but having more engine power than its predecessor. S600 has 606cc (57hp), where as S800 has an incredible 791cc producing 70hp at 8000rpm! Rev up to 10000rpm is possible with low capacity 4-cylinder engine. Honda power!

Yes, more Honda power! VTEC owners pit only.

Many were jaw-dropping looking at this gold chrome fully tuned K20A engine inside the very clean and neat engine bay of the Civic. Wow! :D

How much power does a 3.8L VR38DETT engine have? The standard GT-R has about 485hp (or 542hp in newer ones). This HKS GT1000 full turbine kit can get your R35 up to the extreme 1000hp range, thanks to the huge turbochargers, redesigned suction and chamber pipes, and heat resistant exhaust manifold castings. Clearly, it is a Time Attack contender.

There is no event without Leona Chin, the famous Malaysian Girl Drifter. :D She is as humble as always, taking pictures with her fans before getting all pumped up for the Time Attack Street Turbo 2WD class later.


Both Godzillas were participating for the Street Turbo 4WD.


These extreme track built machines signed up for the Super Street Turbo 4WD class.


GT-Rs will battle it out among themselves in their respective class, and McLaren 12C and Audi R8 challengers were grouped under Supercars class.

By 12pm, many Track Day drivers exited the pit to make way for the main event of the day, the TimeToAttack Session 1. Spectators can still be around to support their favourite teams/cars and experience the loud menacing roars of the time attack machines.

Sadly, my time was up, and I had to make a move. Please visit Zerotohundred.com or Timetoattack.com for further coverage and result. :)

Before bidding goodbye to Sepang Circuit for the last time this year, there's just one thing I had to do, which was to meet up with one of the AE86 owner that ran during the open track session.

There he was, the proud owner of this remarkable kouki AE86 track car. It has been a while since we met and we managed to have a short but engaging conversation, and I even got him to pop out his bonnet to see what's underneath it.

The original 16valve 4A-GE has been replaced with a 20valve black top. Nothing much have been done to the stock engine except for the aftermarket velocity stacks, radiator, oil cooler, and a bit here and there. In order to shave some weights, the back seats were removed.

According to owner, this car is far from perfect, and he will take it slowly to make the right modifications and hopefully, one day to get it run hard the way he likes best. We hope to see this car again near future.

Bye Sepang Circuit and see you in 2015!

Don't forget to check out Zerotohundred.com or Timetoattack.com for TimeToAttack official result. :)

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