Where was I?


I haven't been posting for quite a bit recently, as I went on a pilgrimage to the Land of the Rising Sun, again. During my 12 day visit, I made my way to some famous tuning shops, toured the Hakone touge, covered the Tokyo Auto Salon event as a media, and accomplished few things that I always dreamt of doing.

From the pictures above, you can see it was a holiday packed with nothing only but cars. These memorable experiences I captured through my humble lens, will be shared from time to time. Therefore, stay with hayashi86.com and I will bring the best out of the events I took part in. :)

Thank you and see ya soon!


Upcoming post:
- RWB Roppongi New Year Meet
- Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 Part 1 & Part 2
- Bingo Sports Tokyo
- Hooters
- Tomica Shop Tokyo
- Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited
- Toyota Mega Web & History Garage
- Carland 86
- Liberty Walk
- TRA Kyoto
Bingo Sports Nagoya
- Nissan Heritage Collection
- Mazda Turnpike in Hakone
- Yokota Museum
- Area 86 Takasaki
- Daikoku Futo Revisit