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My pilgrimage to Japan looking for cars is only just the beginning! After RWB Roppongi Meet and Tokyo Auto Salon coverage, the one place that I always dreamt of visiting is Bingo Sports, an exotic car dealership and the only authorised Pagani dealer in Japan. You'd never expect what I stumbled upon at this showroom.

Bingo Sports Tokyo showroom is situated in Nagatacho district. It is easily accessible via Tokyo Metro subway from any of the three stations nearby - Akasakamitsuke Station, Tameikesanno Station or Akasaka Station.

The company is founded in 2002 by Shinji Takei, who has undying passion for fast cars. He buys, collects and sells them to potential customers. To begin with, they aren't just any cars; Bingo Sports' collections are the rarest, most exclusive, and the most expensive ones in the world. If you're not convinced, let's head into showroom right away!

Voila! These were what greeted me as I set foot in Bingo Sports. An array of exclusive supercars beyond anyone’s imagination exists in this small showroom. It was pure car heaven. Believe me, the best is still yet to come!


Mr Yuji Nakazawa (in winter cap) gave me a warm welcome and facilitated me during my short visit. He is the Art Director in this company, taking charge of design-related matters and some marketing duties as well. Despite his non-sales background, I appreciated his great help in finding out the answers to the questions I had about Bingo Sports. :)

The F40 I saw at TAS 2015 was an amazing supercar, but this '94 Ferrari F40 LM is entirely a different breed. It's the special version of the regular F40, built for pure speed. What's more surprising is that you're looking at one of the 20 original F40 LMs ever produced, and it's priced at a whopping US$2.2 million (based on auction price last August).

The LM edition has 2.9L twin-turbocharged V8 engine at its mid-rear that produces an incredible 720hp (from F40's 470hp), 706Nm of torque, and is able to hit top speed of over 360km/h. The noise this track monster make is quite remarkable for a supercar that age. Watch this!

Some regards the F40 as the true Ferrari machine because of its beauty. In fact, it's actually more than that. Without ABS, TCS and high-tech control systems, the analog nature of the car makes it hard to drive, and only a true racer can tame this monster and wring out its true potential as thoroughbred Ferrari.

Before F40 arrived to this world, 288 GTO is what came first. The 288 GTO was built for the Group B series, but it never had the chance to race due other manufacturers' lack of interest in Group B and a fatal accident in 1986 WRC which led to FIA's abolishment of this series.

During those times, Ferrari continued to perfect its competition model and hence, the birth of Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione you see above. Though only 5 were built and never once it participated in competitions, the Evoluzione was  responsible for the development of the great successor F40.

The Evoluzione is pretty much an aggressive version of the standard 288 GTO (just like F40 to F40 LM), with wider fenders, adjustable rear spoiler, lighter body, and a more powerful engine. The 2.9L twin turbo V8 engine boasts as much as 650hp, with a top speed of 362km/h.

This '84 288 GTO Evoluzione that Bingo Sports have, is unit #02. Out of the total 5 units, this model here and the one at Ferrari Museum are street legal, while the remaining three are race cars and not meant for public road use.

Well, now we understand why Bingo Sports have no interest in selling this ultimately rare machine. However, according to Nakazawa-san, the 288 GTO Evo is estimated to be priced at US$10 million!! O_O

These group of identical classic sports cars are ’69 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competizione or better known as “Daytona”. It earned the nickname due to Ferrari’s astonishing 1-2-3 finish at 24-hour endurance race in 1967. These classics had been converted into competition spec by Carrozeria Auto Sport (Left) and by Autofficina Gioacchino Vari (Right), and starred previously in Maranello Rosso Collection (Ferrari Museum).

Even though the Daytonas aren’t as rare as the Evo and LM, these old timers are filled with historic values and Ferrari’s corsa spirit. Seeing both cars before me was a special moment for me.


Some potential customers were laying their eyes on the ’74 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB behind the F40 LM. The BB succeeded 365 GTB/4 Daytona as the first road car model with flat-12 mid-engine, and a direct competitor of Lamborghini Countach. Hmm, the BB does have similar fixed & pop out headlights design as the Countach.


The last Ferrari on the show floor was a 575M Superamerica, a convertible version of the 575M Maranello. Next to it was a Porsche Carrera GT, one of the top sports cars of all time. But, it was nothing compared to what's coming next. Ready?

Behold, the Pagani Zonda Revolucion, the final and most ultimate version of the Zonda. It was the last car on display at the corner inside Bingo Sports, and the most outrageous exotic my eyes have ever seen. This Revolucion was first debuted in Geneva Motor Show 2014 and is the only one in the world with stunning blue carbon fiber!

Sending off the Zonda only meant for Pagani to give it all they've got into this final hurrah. Limited to only 5 cars worldwide, the Revolucion is packed with 6.0L Mercedes AMG V12 engine tweaked up to 800hp and 730Nm of torque. 0-100km/h in less than 2.7s and a top speed of 350km/h.

With that enormous power output on the 1070kg body and improved aerodynamics, we are definitely looking at a track-only machine that's faster than the Zonda R which broke the Nurburgring lap time at 6:47.50.




The Zonda Revolucion is a fine example of how extreme performance and visual aesthetic blend together in harmony. This beautiful masterpiece is priced at US$2.8 million, at this point of time. :)

The Carrera GT beside was rather intimidated by the presence of Zonda Revolucion.

When I thought I saw all the 8 rare cars at Bingo Sports showroom, I was told by Nakazawa-san that there were a few more interesting cars. "Would you like to see it?" he asked. "Well, of course!"

And, that led me to a parking lot underneath one high rank building nearby, where all the other Bingo Sports’ collections were stored. The staff members will move them up to the showroom if customers are interested in viewing through arranged appointment.


Some really cool cars were customers' which unfortunately I can't share them out due to privacy. Nevertheless, I find these timeless classics excite me - '67 Chevrolet Corvette (C2) 427/435HP Roadster (Left) & '67 Ferrari 330 GTC (Right).

After so many Ferraris I came across, finally there's one Lamborghini, a Countach that once stormed the world with its 'atrocious' proportions. Until today, it is still considered as one of the great looking V12 supercar of all time.

This '87 Lamborghini Countach 5000QV (Quattrovalvole) has an important feature which distinguishes from all other Countachs. Every chrome parts in this car is gold plated originally from the factory, and only 2 of this kinds were built.

I was literally stunned and awed in utmost excitement when I saw not one, not two but three supercars, or hypercars if you prefer, parking side by side in their most glorious form, ...

... except the black Ferrari Enzo. It was really nothing special about the Enzo, when you meet ...

... the first Pagani Zonda F in Japan. Out of the 25 Zonda Fs by Pagani Automobili, this is unit #24 ordered specifically in pearl white with black finish and further equipped with "Club Sport Package" sports exhaust.

Zonda F was named in honour of the legendary F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio who shared the same passion and philosophy as the Pagani founder himself, Horacio Pagani. The 'F' is a more evolved lightweight model of its predecessors, the Zonda C12 and S. Its 7.3L V12 Mercedes AMG engine produces 650hp and generate 780Nm of torque, and this remarkable machine achieved the fastest production car time of 7:27.82 at Nurburgring in 2007.

This '08 Pagani Zonda F is the only one in the world which has been carefully maintained as new condition keeping its mileage low at 1380km and plastics preserving the red leather seats. This very delicate Italian supercar can be yours at US$1.6 million, half the price of the Revolucion. :D

And finally, I came to this, the '09 Bugatti Veyron 'Blue Centenaire' which is the most awesome car in the parking lot and unquestionably the fastest road car in Bingo Sports collection list. This special variant was built to commemorate the company's 100th anniversary and features the traditional Bugatti two-tone blue colour finish.

What's more amazing is that this Veyron you're looking here, is the one from 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

Thanks to its 8.0L W16 engine coupled with 4 turbochargers, the Veyron outputs 1001hp and 1250Nm torque which translates to these incredible figures when on track; 0-100km/h in 2.5s, 0-200km/h in 7.3s, 0-300km/h in 16.7s & top speed of 407km/h!

This Bugatti Veyron has only 775km mileage and yet to be registered in Japan. So, technically it's a new car. How much does it cost? Well, that's for you to find out at Bingo Sports. :D

Pretty cool right? Bingo Sports at Tokyo have some of the most exclusive car collection one can feast your eyes upon. For exotic car lovers out there, setting foot at Bingo Sports is akin to a kid in a candy store.  For those with the moolah, they will even help you to look for the rare car you've dreamt of.

Thank you Bingo Sports and Nakazawa-san for the kindness and hospitality. :D

Bingo Sports Tokyo Showroom
Akasaka Sanno Center Bld 1F 2-12-4
Nagata-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0014
Email: [email protected]

How about a teaser of Bingo Sports HQ at Nagoya. Stay tune. :D



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