AE86 Surprise to Birthday Boy


Zaeem Johan’s wish is to see and ride in his favourite car, a real Initial D livery AE86. Malaysia AE86 Member helped making his wish come true by sending a troop of Truenos to his special day to surprise him. was lucky to witness the event, so join us to celebrate Zaeem’s big day.

This small but meaningful event was arranged by Zaeem's father, Mr Johan. Seeking help from Malaysia AE86 Member & Phantus Racing, they managed to bring together a group of four AE86 to meet at Kelana Jaya Lakeside on Saturday afternoon. 4 wasn't a big number, but enough to give a huge surprise to Zaeem. :D

This was the main highlight of the day, an AE86 Trueno dressed in the unmistakable Initial D livery owned by the founder of Phantus Racing, Mr Farouk.

When the 7-year-old Zaeem saw his favourite car approaching him, he was speechless. The shy boy couldn't believe what he saw with his eyes, and he was too scared to have a seat inside the hachiroku, until finally his parents persuaded him to sit in the passenger seat.

This kid's affection for cars was a result of his father's influence of car modification to him during the earlier days, and the introduction of the popular Japanese anime Initial D and D1 Grand Prix as well.

He adored Takumi's tofu car so much that I even noticed him examining the difference between his toy car 86 and the actual one.

The other 86s who joined the fun were (From Left) Mr Jack's Vertex kitted 86, Mr Miji's Keiichi Tsuchiya styled 86 (which we saw before at AE86 Gathering last year), and Mr Hatta's gray kouki 86.

Furthermore, the party was joined by our local Malaysian drifter Zamil in his yellow KE70 dubbed the Cheeserolla! And, what happen when you had a skillful drifter that day?

Drift performance, of course!

Zamil took the Trueno out for some drift performance for the small crowd (including Mr Johan's family and friends) and especially for the birthday boy Zaeem to experience live drifting.

Unfortunately, he didn't accept the opportunity to sit in his favourite car for a short spin, as he was too shy once again. Well, the day for him to sit in one will definitely come soon. :)

Before we ended the celebration we sang Zaeem a 'Happy Birthday' song, and ...

... took a nice memorable family photo of Zaeem with his family members, friends, and the proud 86 owners.

This event was special, fun, and a noble one. We appreciate the owners of the AE86s for their presence to make this birthday surprise a reality, thank you Mr Johan, family and friends for the warm welcome, and finally,

Happy Birthday Zaeem, we wish your dream of owning AE86 come true!