Retro Havoc 2015


2015 marks the 2nd installment for one the biggest Malaysian retro car event popularly known as Retro Havoc. With over 400 cars and 200 bikes entry from all around this country, the organiser Atara Racing guarantees an exciting weekend for car enthusiasts out there.

Knowing that some of the greatest Malaysian built retro cars will be present, we made way to Neo Damansara Parking Area to cover and share the highlights of Retro Havoc event.


The actual event was on March 28th, but the show cars and bikes had been pouring in to the parking lot the night before, prepping in advance an awesome lineup for visitors to fawn over. In addition to that, there were also numerous awards being offered on the main event, fueling the participants to present their rides at their very best.

Photo Credit: [Mcclubz @Facebook]

The event judges were a unique combination as well. From Japan, Mr Shoji Inoue (Star Road) and Mr Daijiro Inada (Option) and from Indonesia, Mr Lulut (Kustomfest), joined by Mr Danny Foo and Mr Alie of Atara Racing.

Without coming to Retro Havoc, I'd never think that the retro car culture is increasingly popular here in Malaysia. In fact, it was very interesting to see diversity of different car makers from the early 60s, 70s and 80s, cars that exist before me, and I had to applaud the owners for carefully restoring and building a car of their own style, like the C210 Skyline triplets you see above.

This 2nd generation four-door saloon Laurel C130 took its styling from Japanese police car. The owner even fitted a functional siren on top of it, and it did attract everyone's attention when it arrived. Your local police car is not as cool as this Nissan. :)


On top of the pristine bodywork Datsun Sunny B110 (Left) and Sunny GB120 pickup truck (Right), a little over-fender and front lip treatment combined with nice selection of classic wheels will enhance the visuals and retro vibe of these cars.

The green Datsun starred in a video where the owner drove it to a valet parking and discover some amusing feedback from the valet personnel and passerby. Check out the video here.

This is probably one of the nicest Toyota Celica GT at Retro Havoc. The oversized 'hipari style' wheels matches well with its old school light yellow body. Surprisingly, it's for sale.

Then, I came across this Toyota Starlet KP60 in racing livery, which immediately reminded me of Mr A's Starlet single-seat racer. This little Toyota was pretty stripped out as there were no rear seats, and I wonder if the owner took it out to Sepang for some fun. :D

How often do you see a gold Top Secret kitted Toyota Supra in a car event? Rare stuff.


There are plenty of unique cars at Retro Havoc there's definitely one that suit your taste. Kei-car, wagon, Americans, well kept, rusty, you name it they have it.

The owner must be a big fan of the F&F franchise (who doesn't) and made his Ford Escort Mk1 to look like the one driven by the late Paul Walker in Fast & Furious 6. This 1UZ V8 machine scored the 'Best Racing Look' award in the event.

I was never a fan of the bikes, but this Street Cub as what the people call it totally changed my impression towards two-wheelers. Originally a Honda C70, its wheels & tyres have been widen to achieve a sportier look. I should consider taking the motorcycle license just for this. :D

I was blown away by the amount of classic Fairlady Zs coming out for some good show this year. This orange 240ZG (HS30) was one example worth admiring. Restored to tip top condition, the owner wasn't shy to fit a more powerful RB26DE under the hood.

Classic Z-cars are powered by straight-6 L-series engines with displacement of 2.4L, 2.6L & 2.8L in the 240Z, 260Z and 280Z respectively. Since we are not in Japan, those engines don't come around easily which means modern straight-6 alternative had to come in mind when restoring this legendary Nissan.

Surprisingly, the 260Z owner opted for 2.5L 1JZ engine found in Toyota Chaser or Toyota Soarer. This clearly shows two big Japanese car companies can work hand in hand to bring out the best of a car.


However, the best Fairlady Z award (if there is one) had to be Mr Kong's 260Z. All the meticulous carbon fiber, and complete exterior/interior work with L26 engine was done all by himself. Even Shoji-san himself admired this car and felt the deep passion poured onto it.

It won the 'Best of the Best' award in Retro Havoc 2014, and won two more awards this year - 'Kustomfest Special Pick' award by Lulut from Indonesia and the 'Sickest Wheels' award with its new wide Enkei AME wheels. Congratulations Mr Kong!

'Best JDM' prize went to this Fairlady 280ZX (S130) for many obvious reasons. The carbureted straight-6 heart is surely one of them. :D

Recently, many AE86 fan page were talking about the most expensive Trueno selling on the internet at RM118000, and this is that car. On display at Sakan Auto booth, many people seemed to understand why its price is such a premium.

The reason is that Sakan Auto actually shipped it over from Japan and registered it locally. Before that, the kouki Trueno had been fully reconditioned by their Japan partner Higuchi Motors. So, you can expect this hachiroku will perform very much like a new car.

If you have any cars you always dreamt of owning, do check out Sakan Auto Sdn Bhd and they will import them over for you, like the pretty Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 above. :D

The 2nd AE86 I spotted that day was this white kouki Trueno. Not only it's well-kept, it is also one of a kind.

You're looking at the only left-hand drive hachiroku in Malaysia! According to the owner Mr Mohammad, he bought the US Spec Trueno GTS when he was working at Saudi Arabia. Due to his endless love for the car, he transferred it back when he returned to his homeland. Notice the 240km/h speedometer.

And one very interesting fact is, the Malaysian number plate he specially tendered cost more than the actual price of the car. :D

The event won't be complete without the presence of RX7. This yellow RE-Amemiya FD3S isolated away from the main area made me believe that Keisuke Takahashi of Project D actually came visit Retro Havoc. :)


It was joyful to see more rotary rockets parked together side by side. Most of 7s were wearing the RE-Amemiya kit, but amongst them was one rare convertible stock FC3S Savanna. Wow!


Out of the many show cars, I have to admit I love this Mazda RX3! Despite it has a 'short' body, its added custom over fender and pointy front lip gave a certain muscular character to it. What's even better is the car had been completely rebuilt from zero to hero by RPS Motorsport, a workshop specialises in rotary. By the way, that's a clean carbureted 13B rotary engine.

And having one of the most crowd marveling over their perfect piece of machinery, RPS Motorsport deserved the 'Best Presentation' award voted by the judges. Great job!


Crowd also had the chance to see Atara Racing's latest 14-spoke wheels which symbolises the unity between the 13 states and the federal government in Malaysia. The wheels are known as MY14S (gold) and KMZ14 (bronze) and this local brand is aiming high to make their design recognised throughout the world.


In the middle of the day, things got more exciting with the presence of GT-R clan led by the Malaysia's first Liberty Walk GT-R!


Wataru Kato of LB Performance Japan and his trusted team arrived to Malaysia last year to execute the outrageously wide body conversion to the white Nissan GT-R. It was also joined by the 2nd Liberty Walk GT-R which was completed recently by Aylezo. What a combo!

However for me, the car that truly topped the show was this gorgeous looking Rocket Bunny 180SX which showed up for the first time to the public. It has a powerful 4.5L VH45DE V8 engine from Nissan President and coupled directly to a straight pipe exhaust which only means one thing, loud!

According to the owner Mr Zee, he adapted the aircups lift system used in supercars to keep the car lowest to the ground without compromising the car's performance. He also shared that it took two years for him to realise his dream to create his perfect Bunny. As a result, his 180SX scored the 'Best Future Retro' award.

With Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk trending around the world, Retro Havoc event was missing the RWB Porsches. Well, the above 911 is the closest thing to an RWB one can see. :D

That concludes my Retro Havoc 2015 coverage at Neo Damansara. we didn't really get the chance to meet Shoji-san and Daijiro-san at the event as they were nowhere to be found when we were around. For some who managed to meet & greet the legends, good work! Nevertheless, we were happy to view so many great cars before our eyes, and met some like-minded car friends. Retro Havoc was one helluva retro car event that we hope to attend again in 2016.



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