Timetoattack 2015 Round 1


Zerotohundred.com officially kicked start the first round of TIMETOATTACK event last week at Sepang International Circuit. Drivers from all over Malaysia and Singapore came to compete for the quickest lap time in their categories, hoping to claim the grand title of ‘The Fastest Man of the Day’.

This time around, I was able to stay throughout the entire event and cover both Track Day session in the morning and Time Attack session in the afternoon. I was even fortunate enough to experience my first ‘taxi ride’ at Sepang.

AM - Track Day

Open Track Session began at 8.30am for some who likes to get hang of the track before the actual time attack session in the afternoon, and also for those who simply wants to enjoy driving fast. I arrived extra early that morning to prep myself in for one most exciting taxi ride of my life.

It wasn’t just ANY ride, I got to sit in as passenger in a track purpose built AE86 own by Mr Gerald. His Trueno had been lighten, widen, stiffen and powered up to go around the track in the fastest way possible.

Once the track was clear to go, Gerald’s 86 launched off immediately like a rocket from the paddock exit and started hunting down every car in front of him. At one point of time, Gerald even caught up with a Ferrari 458 Speciale on corners, and it was incredible to see what his humble car can do.

Yes, it can even do this - over 200km/h and redline at 8,000rpm with one more final gear to go. :D

The experience sitting beside Gerald with his race mode on was awesome. I enjoyed watching him executing his blistering fast heel toe downshifting technique which he has been doing it for donkey's years. However, the ride did get a little uneasy for newcomers like me as I get thrown around in full speed during corners. @@"

This is definitely a scene taken straight from Initial D Fourth Stage when Tomoyuki of Todo School Civic Type-R EK9 challenged Takumi’s AE86.

With track car running at full potential, one should be keep an eye on the temperature gauges from time to time to avoid overheat and mishaps on track. When Gerald noticed his oil temp exceeded 130⁰, he slowed down his car, ...

... and returned back to the paddock to cool off the temperature before the next stint.


Apart from opening up the front bonnet to discharge heat, Gerald also suggested that one shouldn't forget to tighten up their wheel nuts to avoid them coming off during the aggressive driving. After the Trueno has rested enough, it was time for round 2, ...


... while I hit the track side for more photo shooting (Thank you Gerald!). I was admiring the varieties of cars zooming pass me, thinking maybe one day near future I get to be the one behind the wheels tackling the tricky corners of Sepang Circuit. :)


Do you agree with me that every car deserved to be driven hard and not just a garage beauty? Clearly, the owners of the Ferrari 458 Italia and Toyota Supra weren’t shy to bring their cars out for some fun.

Later that day, an NSX that I've been wanting to see for ages arrived, but simply as a visitor. It looked so much prettier in person than photos posted online. This is probably the best mid-engine Honda in Malaysia. :)


Once the Track Day session ended sharp at 1130am, many left the track clearing pit space for the serious time attack challengers. They were making necessary adjustments before going all out to tear the circuit apart. Will the ST Powered Lancer duo break Sepang Circuit's lap time?

PM - Time Attack

Zerotohundred's TIMETOATTACK event was split into few different categories like Euros, GT Cars, Street NA and Turbos, Super Street NA and Turbos, GTR R35 only, Supercars and Time Attack Machines.

All time attack contenders were given two sessions (early & late afternoon) and 5 laps per outing to try to post the fastest time on the scoreboard. After the drivers' briefting and parade lap, Euro & GT cars category was up first.

Both Audi TT-S of Team EVERCO were putting up great lap times scoring themselves first in Street Euro (#28 Orange) and Super Street Euro (#33 Yellow) categories. The yellow TT-S driven by Kingston from Malaysia did an impressive job achieving the 4th fastest driver of the day!


Seeing Malaysian brand Proton Satria 1.8 running on home course for a change was quite admirable. While others decided to run in a more powerful and expensive machine, these guys made the best out of their FF car and improve in every way to go faster around the track.

Leona Chin is back again this year with new blue livery on her S15. The Prince Lubricants ambassador managed a lap time of 2:43.920, the 2nd fastest in Super Street Turbo-2WD class.

Mohd Farid's Daihatsu Mira was the smallest among all the time attack machines. Despite its size, the car surprised everyone by achieving 2:46.721 lap time, a slight 3 seconds later than Leona Chin's big S15. Wow!


The widebody Lotus Exige S piloted by Soo Hoo Yew Kwon won the Super Street Turbo-2WD class with 2:32.205 lap time, while in the Street Turbo-2WD class, Wan Mohd Zariff was the fastest in his Silvia S13 with 2:36.680 time.

Half way in Session 1, one of driver's car caught on fire due to some issue in the fuel line, but fortunately the track marshals took immediate action saving the car from even a bigger casualty.


I've been a fan of Honda since I was a kid, and it's definitely enjoyable seeing the evolution of the ever popular Civic model through the passage of time. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also practical to use as a daily driver and a great car on track. The Civic was a popular choice in the Street and Super Street NA-FF class.

The most dramatic FF machine out there was JC Racing Honda CRZ driven by Eric Yong. Whenever his CRZ comes hard into Turn 2, he sends one of the rear wheels off the ground. What a lovely sight.


These three tail happy Honda S2000s from the Street NA-RWD group were working hard to keep its rear from sliding out which will only cause unnecessary time gain. Nevertheless Steve Toh of Applied Performance (Left) took first place in Street NA-RWD at 2:36.198, followed by Norman Souza Tan of Achilles Motorsports (Middle) at 2:39.753.

A Toyota MR2 was going sideways happily until it went too wide and trapped itself within the puddle of stones.


Local drifter Ee Yoong Cherng proved to everyone what his trusty 600hp R33 Skyline GT-R (aka Barney) can do on track. He was timed at 2:34.648 which made him into Top 5 Fastest in Street Turbo-4WD category.


This lonely McLaren MP4-12C was the only car in the Supercar class. Fans would be glad to see more exotics participating in Timetoattack event. We miss the sound of V8, V10 & V12!


Last year there were lots of contestants for the GTR class, but this year only four GTRs turned up. Maybe because those top tuners are less active during the first quarter of year or busy prepping the cars for the later Timetoattack event. The best GTR time that day was 2:28.687 by Monster Garage GTR R35 driven by Alan Lim.


Things got more exciting with the Time Attack Machine (TAM) category later that evening. These track cars are prepped to the finest in every aspect like weight, power, aerodynamics, traction, etc conforming to specifications set by Zerotohundred.


And, the 'Fastest Man of the Day' was Desmond Soh in his ST Powered Evo IX with a lap time of 2:15.331! Even though he didn't break his previous record of 2:14.903, the current time is yet an impressive one which sets him and his team apart from the rest.


The 'Fastest Time of the Day' for Track Prepped went to Desmond Soh (Left) and the 'Fastest Time of the Day' for Street Legal went to Filbert Tan (Right).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Check out Timetoattack.com for the complete result.

That completes my coverage at this year's Timetoattack Round 1. We look forward to see more cars and possibly a new lap record breaker at Sepang Circuit. Thank you Mr Gerald for the AE86 track experience, that was really priceless and I hope to do it again near future. :D

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