1/32 Aoshima Initial D AE86


It was impossible for me to leave Japan without a single AE86 souvenir when I was there for holiday. Therefore, I gotten myself this cool 1/32 Initial D Trueno AE86 plastic model kit by Aoshima. Here are some details of the post-painted tofu car by my good friend Kelvin.


Aoshima and Fujimi had varieties of Initial D model kits in bigger 1/24 size for sale, but I intentionally gotten this because it requires lesser paint work, cheap and the only model kit in this scale that has that iconic retractable headlights.

The model kit came with a simple white Trueno body, Watanabe wheels, rubber tyres, decals and a manual guide. There's no interior in this kit, but a mini 'Tamiya' motor is provided to run the car. Since I won't be playing it, I put the motor aside and handed it over to Kelvin whose really good with model kits. However, it was the first time for him to paint car models.

After two weeks or so, Kelvin called to inform me the Trueno is ready for collection, and boy my jaw dropped when I saw the finished product. It was perfectly painted following closely to Takumi's Trueno in comic.

According to him, the most difficult part in the process to complete this car is the amount of tedious masking needed on smaller scale cars. He even did a bit of research beforehand to aid him in painting the right colour (Notice the gloss black on the body & matte black on the bumpers) and applying the decals where they supposed to be.

This is the how the bottom of the car looked like without the AA batteries and motor. Weight reduction, bro!

I  arranged the 1/18 AUTOart AE86 Initial D Project D Version, 1/64 Tomica AE86, and put the 1/32 Aoshima in the middle for you to compare their dimensions.

This model kit is definitely worth having in your collection despite its small scale and zero interior detail, but maybe Initial D fans would rather choose Fujimi's 1/24 scale with more details. Nevertheless, plastic model kits had to be sanded, masked, and painted to look good. That is why I have to thank Kelvin for making this model kit looks awesome!