PS3 Initial D Extreme Stage


Do you remember the game Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited that I experienced once at Sega Tokyo Joypolis? It's the one where I sat inside a real AE86 mounted on the moving platform and raced virtually on Mount Akina. I kinda missed that game, so I bought this Initial D Extreme Stage and get my dusty PS3 working again.

There are many Initial D versions on the arcade platform, but the only one that’s ever released on PlayStation 3 is the Initial D Extreme Stage. This game is already been selling in the market for 7 years since its first released in 2008, but why only buying it now?

Not only because I bought my console late, it’s pretty hard to look for this Japanese game due to its age. And, I wanted to play it as my last PS3 game before officially moving over to PS4 soon. *The new Need For Speed is coming out next month!

The booklet explains everything you need to know about the game’s operation, but they are in Japanese language. Anyway, let’s pop the disc in!

Immediately, the opening movie plays. Click above to watch it. Awesome stuff.


After pressing ‘Start’, you are required to create a character with a unique name and handsome face of your choice, …


… and select the best number plate combination based on actual cities in Japan …

… for your ideal touge weapon in this game. I choose you, Trueno!


There are few game modes like Story Mode titled 'Legend of the Street' where you get to race opponents following the storyline and Time Attack for those who want to try for the fastest lap time. The courses available in game are limited to Akina Lake, Usui, Akagi, Akina, Irohazaka, Tsukuba and Happogahara.

The physics in this game is totally not realistic and the race felt very "drifty". Speed reduces only a little when you hit the  side rails or the car in front, and sometimes you don't even need to slow down your car while cornering. ^^"

We all know it's very arcade-ish but the important point of this game is for you to have fun and be like Takumi winning every challenger on the mountains while reminiscing over the cool battles in Initial D story.


You get points every time you win. After accumulating enough points, you can head to the shop and buy tuning parts, aero parts, mufflers, wheels and etc to further upgrade your performance and appearance. In garage, you can also edit your character's appearance if you didn't like what you created at first.

I lost the battle with Takumi previously at Sega Tokyo Joypolis, but I challenged him again and beat him this time on his home turf. He was a really tough opponent.

Takumi ended up whining and never thought that he would lose at Akina downhill which he runs every day.

Anyway, I would say this game is not difficult and it takes some practice to familiar with the silly game physics. As an Initial D fan, I am enjoying this game very much. :)