Happy New Year 2016


First and foremost, Happy New Year 2016!

We from hayashi86.com wish the New Year will shower you with lots of love, happiness, and prosperity. Be positive always and never forget to strive hard for that dream/goal you wanted so much.

2015 was an awesome year for us. We shared some unforgettable experience and visits we had in Japan, we featured some important cars locally and most importantly, the dream come true moment for Hayashi86.com to finally own the real deal, an actual AE86 Trueno. :D

Below are the summary of the events we visited.

Events Special Club Events Visits Features
Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 (Part 1 & 2) RWB Roppongi New Year Meet Initial D Arcade at Sega Joypolis Akihabara Car Hobby Shops
Retro Havoc 2015 Nissan Fairlady Gathering Toyota MegaWeb & History Garage Mr T's Trueno
Time to Attack 2015 Round 1 AE86 Genting Mini Meet Bingo Sports Tokyo Jeong's GT86
King of Asia 2015 AE86 Surprise to Birthday Boy       Bingo Sports Nagoya HQ Gerald's S2000
Art of Speed 2015 Renn Drive Sepang Carland 86 Lonely Silver Trueno
Gundam Docks at Singapore AE86 Putrajaya Mini Meet Liberty Walk Zee's Rocket Bunny 180SX
Time to Attack 2015 Round 2 Malaysia AE86 Gathering 2015 TRA Kyoto Gerald's R8
Gunpla Expo Malaysia 2015 JDM TT 3.0 Nissan Heritage Collection RWB Malaysia #3 #4 (Part 1 & 2)
    Yokota Museum Hayashi86's Trueno
    Area 86 Takasaki RWB Malaysia #5 
    Daikoku Futo Revisit Yang's and Azam's Trueno
    Garage R Singapore Umar's Cooper S
    STAR WARS at Changi Airport Benjamin's Trueno

We hope you enjoyed the posts we have in this blogsite, and do look forward to more of our coverage and our journey with AE86 this year!

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Thank you and again, Happy New Year 2016!

- hayashi -