Retro Havoc 2016


March is the month we always been looking forward to because one of the biggest car meet/show in Malaysia takes place. This year Retro Havoc was held at a multi storey car park in Bandar Puteri, Puchong and the turnout was incredible as we could see more quality cars on display which we couldn't resist not to share to you guys here.

Not only the number of display cars had increased, the organiser Atara Racing invited few additional special guests as judge from Indonesia (Lulut Retro of Kustomfest) and Philippines (Jeiven T. Perez of Sushi Factory) on top the Japanese guests who have been supporting this event since the first year (Shoji Inoue of Star Road & Daijiro Inada of Option).

With the help of Speedhunters' Blake Jones and Classicracer Hong Kong, Malaysian retro car scene can be unveiled to international audience. We are also proud to have our '' logo on the poster as well!

To show my support to the event, I brought my humble AE86 to meet everyone on the show day, and got a really nice parking spot, thanks to Alie.


Next to mine was also a hachiroku. Andrew’s 86 has been restored from zero to hero in only six months. I haven't got the chance to feature it yet, but you can read more about his car at :)

One of the main highlights of the event was the presence of the first and second Nissan Skyline GT-R popularly known as the Hakosuka, ...

... and Kenmeri. These were the first two cars that'd greet you upon your arrival at Retro Havoc, and nobody would have thought that these two rare gems exist on our Malaysian road. What a great opener to what you'd be seeing at the show area.

You might think these Supras and Skylines aren't considered as retro cars but on Alie's record, they are categorised as Future will-be Retros. Therefore, making Retro Havoc an open event to every cool cars out there.


I believe everyone enjoyed the array of cars at Mcclubz area. Those cars were featured and photographed before by Mcclubz themselves, ...


... and some of them are the best build cars that Malaysia has to offer. The gray Integra DC5 got the 'Speedhunters Special Pick' award!


Yoong's Rocket Bunny S13 drift machine nicknamed 'Elmo' had the famous Sesame Street character sitting inside. :D


The Liberty Walk inspired VW is known as SR Super Rocket Scirocco, the most aggressive looking thing I've ever seen. Me gusta.


See what I meant by the best build cars of Malaysia. This GT style NSX was built with all the modification points spot on. Definitely a fan favourite at Retro Havoc.


Some of the best cars of the '70s: Toyota Cressida, Nissan Cedric & Toyota Corolla KE35 with TE37 facelift (Kustomfest Best Pick award).

If you're talking about '70s, one can never forget about the original Fairlady Zs. A few of them turned up as well - the RB26 powered orange 240Z, maroon 280ZX, ...

... and the recently surfaced blue Wangan Midnight 240Z. It is currently under restoration by the guys at R Tune Garage from Johor Bahru, South of the Peninsular Malaysia.

Despite the incomplete project, it was still an amazing car to admire especially on its front carbon fibre treatment and its ultra clean L24 engine. Shoji-san would be so proud of this build.


R Tune Garage also took the chance to showcase some of their best car builds which exceeded everyone's expectations like this Datsun Bluebird 510.

They even managed to score few major awards at Retro Havoc. This Ford Escort Mk1 received the ‘Atara Racing Special Pick’ and ‘Best Euro’ awards from the judges.


The R Tune Garage guys couldn’t be happier with two additional awards presented to them. Their white Datsun Pickup truck won the ‘Best Restoration’ and ‘Shoji Inoue Special Pick’ awards.

It was so clean that you can eat your meal off the engine bay. I knew this car would bring an award back as it was my top pick for the day as well. Congratulations R Tune Garage!


When one talks about rotary cars in Malaysia, RPS Motorsport is the name that everyone would relate to because they are the probably the best rotary tuner around, and they never fail to impress the public with their proper RX-3 and RX-7 builds.

This year however, they went for a different approach and worked with a Datsun Sunny B110 chassis instead. It has a two rotor engine underneath the hood and it was incredibly loud when it arrived the night before. Jeiven T. Perez of Sushi Factory picked this unique Datsun as his favourite. :)

Andrew's Trueno left early as he had some things to do, but it didn't take long for another AE86 to come and accompany my shy car.

This straight-out-of-factory zenki Levin (which I'll be featuring soon) got so much attention from the public that it made my hachi and Kenny's Trueno (which came later) completely forgotten. Haha!

Did you guys notice the mini version of my car on the dashboard? :D

Apart from the show area, things were quite happening at the rooftop. Visitors could watch drift cars going sideways while enjoying food and drinks under the tent.



More awesome cars on this floor - Liberty Walk GT-R & Amuse S2000 GT1, oh my!

These guys were having lots of fun in their motorised drift trike, and it made me want to try it.

Evo Club members were there to show off their cool rides.


My father used to own a Proton Saga (Left), Malaysia's first production car. It was a great car and it reminded me of my happy memories during my young times. Saga was actually based on the second generation Mitsubishi Mirage EX or Mitsubishi Lancer (in Europe). Seeing them both well taken care of until this day made me smile. :)


Another Malaysian brand car that I believe caught everyone's eyes were the Perodua Kancil and Perodua Myvi. Not just any standard Kei-cars, they were properly lowered, widen and modified to achieve that aggressive stance look. I am not sure about what others think, but I genuinely like what these guys did to their cars. Two thumbs up!

Another Liberty Walk GT-R emerged and parked beside my AE86 after the red Levin had left the place. The GT-R plus over-fender was so humongous that it made the both Truenos looked like toy cars. Hahaha!




Some of the honourable cars (and bike) we liked at Retro Havoc!


Volkwagen Beetle in Coca Cola dress-up received the 'Red Garage Special Pick' while Mr Law's Datsun Sunny B110 won the 'BWB Special Pick'.

Both Toyota Corolla TE27 and Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 took home the 'Best Presentation' and 'Best JDM' award respectively. We previously featured Yang's AE86 story, check it out here.


These two cars had travelled 700+km from Thailand just to make their way to Retro Havoc, and I knew about its presence after I had left the place. So, I purposely returned to the show area to meet the owners.

Luckily, I got to meet the kind owners of this four-door Hakosuka and they shared their challenges driving it long distance. According to them, its lower arms were not in best condition causing the car to sway vigorously even at low speed, but they were happy to arrive the place in one piece.

After 3 years, Retro Havoc has became an important car event that slowly gaining recognition locally and internationally which is a great thing to promote our Malaysian car culture to the world. Atara Racing had already announced the date for next year's Retro Havoc 2017, and we'd sure be there again to support local car scene with our AE86. :D

Thank you organiser for the opportunity and see you next year!
Retro Havoc Malaysia

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Retro Havoc 2016 Result
No. Awards Car
1 Ratz Style Volvo
2 Best Future Retro Mazda RX8 1JZ
3 Super Slammed Car Audi Wagon
4 Best JDM Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex
5 Best Euro R Tune Garage Ford Escort Mk1 
6 Sickest Wheel Mitsubishi GTO 4-door Galant
7 Best Engine Bay Mitsubishi Lancer
8 Best Restoration R Tune Garage Datsun Pickup
9 Best Presentation Toyota Corolla TE27
10 Racing Look Toyota Supra
11 Atara Racing Choice R Tune Garage Ford Escort Mk1
12 Backwheels Bitches Choice Datsun Sunny B110
13 Kustomfest Special Pick Toyota Corolla KE35
14 Shoji's Choice R Tune Garage Datsun Pickup
15 Daijiro's Choice Ford Capri
16 Speedhunters Special Pick Honda Integra
17 Sushi Factory Special Pick RPS Motorsport Datsun Sunny B110
18 Red Garage Special Pick Volkswagen Beetle
19 King of Retro Havoc Nissan Fairlady 280ZX