One Day with Godzillas


3rd April was specifically chosen by the guys at Malaysian Skyline Owners Group (MSOG) to hold one of the biggest GT-R-only event in this country and it’s known as Godzilla Day. It was an important day for the owners in their Skylines to come out and celebrate the joy of driving these legendary beasts. We headed to Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC) to join the fun!


First checkpoint for the GT-R owners from Klang Valley was at Seremban R&R area. I arrived early at 9am to find only four Skylines there, but by 10.30am the number rose to about 20 cars with mixtures of R32, R33, R34 and R35 GT-Rs. The convoy to MIMC track was yet to begin but already an awesome sight to behold.

After the necessary preparation had been done, a briefing followed by praying session wishing for smooth journey took place before the rough day began.


And off they went! Instead of a cool and calm convoy of 20-car line, everyone blasted off straight from the start showing their true GT-R power and left us (the cameramen) behind. However, Fydo who was with me during the convoy managed to get some nice rolling shots. Thanks Fydography!



Right after the second meeting point at Malacca toll exit to regroup with the Southern GT-R team, they headed to the nearby Petronas gas station for a quick refuel, ...

... and a lunch stop at Subaidah Restaurant which was famous for 'Nasi Kandar'. Godzillas and humans need feeding too. :D

Then, it was the moment everyone had been waiting for, the track session at MIMC. But before the track gets heated up, the cars were lined up beautifully for the first activity of the day, the Show 'N' Shine.

Show 'N' Shine was an event to find out who has the best looking ride among the 40 cars that came. Whether you're an owner of an R32 or R35, a GT-R or GT-T, everyone had equal chance of winning because their rides were very unique in their own ways.


This event was sponsored and judged by the team at NoEqual, the official photographer for the day. They picked this R34 Skyline GT-R as the best looking car of the day and we could understand why. Not only it's a V-Spec II Nür model in a beautiful full carbon front body, the owner also put extra attention in the engine for performance purpose.


Second place went to this R34. Not just any R34 actually, it's a rare Nismo S-Tune model with great colour contrast between the wheels and the body. The nice blue Top Secret kitted GT-R scored third place.


To fully exploit MIMC track and give a chance every owner to do what they are best at, the organiser introduced Time Attack, Drift and Drag session.




Time Attack session preceded first and batches of GT-Rs were released onto the track to avoid traffic congestion within the short 1.6km track. MIMC came alive with the loud roaring straight 6s and V6s from the Godzillas.



As much as the GT-R owners were enjoying the track inside, we (the photographers), were having fun 'shooting' them from the outside. As a first timer to MIMC, I found it really convenient to move around the track for shooting compared to the huge Sepang Circuit. The twisty track layout was also very challenging, and I wish I could bring my AE86 for a drive there someday.

There were easily more than 40 cars including those who arrived a little later and parked outside of the track. However, the one that draw everyone’s attention is this incredibly tasteful looking R32 Skyline GT-R from Singapore.


I love the colour, the Nismo LMGT4 5-spoke wheels, the HKS packed engine bay, the huge disc brakes, the Nardi steering wheel, and pieces of carbon fibre inside the car. Perfection is the only word to describe this car. :)

Despite the narrow track lane and short straight at MIMC, it didn’t stop them from doing the 'about 400m' sprint starting from the pit to the grandstand. It was exciting to watch drag because it’s where raw POWER comes into play.

Unfortunately, the drag race had to be stopped due to heavy rain ...


... which means it was time for drifting! Few rear-wheel Skylines including the teal coloured 180SX were putting some cool sideway actions for the crowd. We've never watch drifting so close to us before!



Free track session came back for those owners who didn't get enough of driving, but one particular Bayside Blue R34 GT-R stopped by the track and I walked over to see what happen. Oh my god, one of its tyres slipped off from the wheel. According to the owner, he didn't notice a puncture in the rear tyre and continued driving causing that big mess. Lucky for him, the GT-R brothers were kind enough to lend him a hand and a spare tyre. ^^"


Once the track dried up, drag race continued right away. It was a knockout battle and the rule is simple, first person crosses the finish line wins! 


Final drag battle was between two R34 Skyline GT-Rs. The white one however, was reigned champion of the day!

Regardless the hot weather in the noon and sudden downpour in the evening, everyone had great fun with their cars at MIMC. We as the photographers, did our best covering the event and as the GT-R fan, we were contented with the presence of those awesome JDM machines. Personally, as you guys know I am an AE86 diehard otaku, but there's something special about the GT-R that made you want to own at least once in your life time. :)

Thank you Malaysian Skyline Owners Group (MSOG) for having us, and we look forward to Godzilla Day 2017! Cheers.

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