About Me

Hi everyone! I am Hayashi.

I have huge passion for cars since young and my hobby is everything related to cars from reading latest automotive news, learning engineering part of the vehicle, admiring and photographing cars of all categories (Exotics, JDM, Euro, Classics) and of course gaming in GT5 (and soon GT6)!

I also love attending car events or motorshow, keeping myself updated with the latest news of the Automotive world.

Since I am yet to own a 1/1 scale sports car, I do have a number of diecast collections from 1/18s to miniature 1/64s. Other than cars, I do have interest for unique Japanese toys and Japanese language.

The purpose I create this blog is to share my passion for cars with everyone in the world. Because I do believe that other than Music, Car is one catalyst to bring people of the same interest together.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you’re also a car fan! :)