About Me

Hayashi86.com was created in June 2013 by Lim Wai Hong. Since young, he has had a huge passion for cars thanks to the influence of racing games, miniature cars and the cult hit anime 'Initial D'. Although he doesn’t have a career in the automotive industry, he finds different ways to express his love for cars, his favourite so far is through photography.

Taking his surname Lim (林) which translates to ‘Hayashi’ in Japanese and his affection towards a specific car model AE86, forms the name Hayashi86!

'Hayashi86’ is a platform to share the car experience he sees locally in Malaysia and internationally, with everyone in the world. That includes events, auto shows, travels, miniature car collection, and anything related to cars especially the AE86. We will love to explore new places or countries to widen our AE86 brotherhood.

We believe that other than Music, the Love for Cars is one catalyst to bring people together. :D

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