Auto Salon Night 2013


ASN, short for Auto Salon Night was held last week on the 24th and 25th. Making my weekends an enjoyable one, I visited the place and updated myself on Malaysia's tuning car scene. ASN 2013 is the gathering place where all car enthusiasts unite and owners can compete for the best looking car award of respective categories. Moreover, with its fresh 'auto event plus rave party' helps to attract more crowds to this place.

First of all, this was supposed to be a night event as clearly stated from the title Auto Salon Night. But since, the event was open for public from 12pm to 11pm, I thought going early would allow me to get better pictures but I was wrong this time. It was much merrier at night with DJ hits music and environment.

Nevertheless, I was satisfied to get upclose and admire those awesome rides (under the intense hot sun). :)

My personal favourite, the GP Sports bodykitted 180SX. This full tuned 180SX prepared by Pitworks Motorsport, a Puchong based car performance shop.

Look at the extended diffuser and the wide GT wing. That must be lots of downforce to get this FR car gripping onto the road.

Beside the 180SX, a cool looking GT-R wrapped in chrome by Tom's Stickers.

"Grrrr.. We meet again!" This angry-faced Golf appeared at Art of Speed event last June and it came again with its other classic car buddies.

Aside from the meetups, ASN 2013 together with Ultra Racing held the ASN Gymkhana Challenge 2013 at an open car park space right beside of the main event. Everyone could watch the participants raced each other in the Gymkhana manner. Gymkhana is a type of autocross motorsport and drivers have to get through the course as fast as possible. The course is usually complex and requires memorization.

Therefore, it's a good way to test the drivers' concentration, mental memorization and driving skills. *Notice the Danny Choo's Mirai Suenaga character on the Satria Neo.

Serious competitor would be prepared for anything.

Few of the many drift cars for drifting performance.

By now, everyone should know about Leona Chin. She's the Malaysian lady drifter and often appeared in many motorsport events. This was her in action in her famous yellow BMW E60.

Yup, that's her! Or with her helmet off, click here!

I'm seeing many green cars at ASN. First, was the green Scirocco (at beginning of the post), and now this R34 GT-T which was at the M7 booth. Trend starters going Eco with colours? Haha!

Extreme exterior and interior car modifcation also gets the green colour treatment.

IMHO, the only green colour on my car that I would go with, is the wheels. Team Street's Nissan Silvia S15 wearing Takata Green TE37.

Unique Mini Pickup spotted. Looking great in the extra fenders.

Hello Kitty themed Perodua Viva with matching Kitty Kawasaki bike. That's some creativity!

At Kixx Lubricants booth, there were two very interesting rides.

First, was the Veilside Supra known as 4509GTR. This Veilside bodykit totally gave a whole different look to the Supra, infusing designs from the Bentley Continental.

Another one, was the RE-Amemiya RX7 which I fancied most here. This 3rd gen RX7 was wearing the famous RE Amemiya AD GT kit prepared and fitted by Raydiance Motorsport. The curvature front skirting, modern fixed headlight, aero hood...

... and wider overfenders were the necessary ingredients for modern GT car image.

The FD was sitting on Bridgestone S001 245/35R19 tyres, and fitted with simple 19inch Enkei RPF1 Racing wheels.

All drivers' ideal cockpit.

More downforce, sir? Yup, the tall GT wing, carbon rear diffuser keeps the car steady at high speed.

Overall, the RE Amemiya tuning package maintains the look of an RX7 and adds a few GT touches onto it keep it modern and stay looking awesome as a 90's generation sports car for many years to come! FD banzai!

ASN official car parked at the main stage was the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. But, not just any Evo IX. It's a special limited edition made by Jackie Chan known as FireSports EvoIX Ver.II and only 50 units of this Jackie Chan edition has been made. *Model not included.

Model picture is provided FOC by Haha! Her smile was great. :)

A part of the ASN schedule was stunt performance by local bikers. That angle!

Local drifters getting ready in their machines.

Tandem drift performance to public entertainment by Nissan Sileighty (L) and Onevia (R). The white Sileighty was driven by a lady drifter. Another Leona Chin in the making. Haha

Sileighty (Silvia front/180SX rear) and Onevia (180SX front/Silvia rear) are conversions made by street racers and they are not part of Nissan's production model. During the early days, many Japanese drifters came out with the idea of mixing and matching the front end to replace their damaged front panels. I thought the combination was great. What say you? Sil80 or 1via?

More drift actions in Gif format. :D

One of the drift cars broke down even before the start. And, the crew brought the car back to the pit in an ingenious way.

Kixx Lubricants ladies in their best pose promoting Race Queen Malaysia 2013.

Before the sunset, Leona Chin came out again in her yellow BMW E60 and did some serious burnouts. Thrash the tyres!

It was too bad that I couldn't stay any longer for the night session of ASN as my camera battery was running out. @@" However, I was lucky to photograph some awesome cars especially the RE Amemiya RX7 and watched live gymkhana and drifting action that day.

Good event, great cars and looks like I'll have to put Auto Salon Night to my calendar next year. :D

Photo Credit: [ASN - AutoSalon Night @Facebook]

For you guys who are curious about the night session, this was how it looked like that night. Crazeeee!