Gundam Docks at SG


This time, I'd like to share about the recent Gundam exhibition in Singapore. In Malaysia, we have the annual Gunpla Expo (2013 & 2014) which showcases model kits built by local talents for the grand GBWC competition. But "Gundam Docks at Singapore" was entirely different, and said to be one of the biggest event held outside Japan.

In celebration of Gundam's 35th anniversary and in conjunction with Singapore's 50th birthday (known as Golden Jubilee), Bandai Namco Asia and Takashimaya Store went all out organising one huge event occupying 4,000sqm of space at Ngee Ann City from June 4 - 28.


The entrance to the FOC event was superb with the presence of not one, but two 1/3 sized giant mecha! Standing proudly face to face were Gundam RX78-2 & MS-06S Zaku II. Check my visit to Japan life size Gundam here.

You know something awesome is waiting inside when so many 1/12 scale Zaku IIs placed to welcome you in.

I head over to Takashimaya Square at B2 floor and found whole event area fully covered with nothing but Gundam exhibits.

The showcase featured over 200 original Gundam models from various Gundam series. They came in different shapes and sizes for visitors and fans to admire. At the show front, a full collection of the flagship Perfect Grade models (1/60) were displayed.



Not always we get to see all PG models at one place - All painted with accurate details. Every Gundam fans' little dream.


More Gundams in smaller Master Grade (1/100) and High Grade (1/144) scales.  



There were few human sized Mobile Suits across the hall, and I want to take one home so badly.


Especially the 1/12 RX78-2 Gundam on stage, it's the father of all Gundams. The kid approved!

There's another 1/12 scale RX78-2 Gundam in full black which designed by clothing brand 'MASTERMIND Japan'. They brought in clothing goods for true Gundam fans to have, but they don't come cheap.

Another Japanese brand known as 'Porter' also showcased some Gundam inspired wallets and bags.



I came into this corner which had an array of very unique red-white RX78-2 Gundams that I've never seen before. I realised that they were specially designed to celebrate Singapore's 50th anniversary by the Mr Kunio Okawara, a pioneer in Japanese robot design respected for his contribution in Mobile Suits Gundam.


Mr Kunio Okawara's genuine message to the Gundam fans of Singapore. :)

We've seen six different scales previously from SD to 1/48 Mega Size, but there was one 1/12 human size SG50 RX78-2 Gundam isolated away from the rest.

I kinda like the SG50 version red-white colourway, and love to have it in my RX78-2 collection, but unfortunately all of them were sold out. The HG 1/144 SG50 exclusive version were selling at SGD38.95.


The other exclusive models available for sale were RX78-2 and Zaku II 'Gundam Docks at Singapore' version in RG 1/144 scale at SGD$54.95.

This 'Gundam Front Tokyo' Gogg, Acguy & Zock set was pretty nice! :D

Bandai has been synonymous with Gundam ever since its first TV anime series started 36 years ago. Over the years Bandai has been producing hundreds of different designs catering to old school fans and newer generations alike. This corner of the hall showcased Gunplas and artworks from the earlier Gundam series to remind everyone how it all started.

Who will forget the main three mechas in original Mobile Suit Gundam animation? (From Left) RX75-4 Guntank, RX78-2 Gundam & RX77-2 Guncannon. :D

Singapore's idea of organising the 'Gundam Docks at Singapore' event with the nation's 50th birthday celebration was an excellent way to promote Bandai's Gundam among the fans. I find the event impressive with tons of interesting Gundams, especially the special SG50 RX78-2 and the face-to-face 6m tall robots outside the event.

Ah, how I wish Malaysia can organise big Gundam events like this.

Anyway, Happy 50th birthday Singapore! :D