1/64 Custom AE86 Hayashi86 Ver.


It has been my wish to have a miniature car customised exactly like the one I own, and I can finally make it happen with the Hachiroku. To get it replicated accurately on the smaller scale diecast, there is only one person I can count on and he is Mr Rikmun Lim. Check out his work on my AE86!

Rikmun Lim is an experienced die cast customizer in Malaysia who has been doing hand-build customization work on his clients’ model cars. No matter how complex the shapes and sizes, he is able to reproduce it onto smaller scales with his ingenious ideas. Few weeks after sending pictures of my AE86 to him (without even seeing my car once), this is what I received from him.


My jaw dropped when I saw his final work of my AE86 contained inside the clear acrylic case. It looks exactly the same thing but just 64 times smaller. :D

What Rikmun has done was adding some key details of my car onto the Tomica AE86 Trueno diecast which I handed over to him before the customisation work began. You'd probably notice the change on the body colour, front lip spoiler, kouki bumper, side mirrors, ...

... riveted duck tail spoiler, the kouki 'redline' tail lights, and the steel exhaust tip.

Rikmun's level of detail didn't just end there, he paid equal attention to the interior as well by 'installing' the purple Bride Brix bucket seat on the driver side while keeping the passenger seats black-grey shade.


These are some of the work-in-progress pictures by him which showcased some crafting work he did on the front lip and rear spoiler. Initially, he replaced the wheels with the SSR Mesh lookalike from Hotwheels, but I requested him to stay with the Watanabes instead as I would replace them one day. *Coming soon*

It looks much better with the Watanabes, right? Once the conversion was done, it was ready for a complete paint job and we said bye to the 'Fujiwara Tofu Shop' wording and the two-tone panda colour.


Check out the makeover from a standard Tomica (Right) to a customised AE86 based on Hayashi86 version. They are from the same casting but the little detail added made it an entirely different car, and I love every bit of it!

Tomica has never done any kouki styled Trueno before (only zenki), therefore making this Tomica the first one ever made. :D

This is the best diecast I've ever had in my collection and my wish of getting my car customised to miniature scale could only be possible with the help of Rikmun Lim. Thank you so much bro!

If you're interested in getting your car customised to your liking, do contact him at Rikmunwerks and enquire about the things that you need to prepare to get the build started. Cheers.